Sussex Marxists: The housing crisis and the socialist solution


Venue: Fulton 212 - Sussex University

This week's meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th November in Fulton 212 at 6pm. We will be joined by James Kilby of Socialist Appeal, who will be speaking on The Housing Crisis and Socialist Solution.

Five months ago, the Grenfell Tower fire provided a stark illustration of the deadly consequences of the exploitation and neglect rife in housing today. The incident sparked a wave of fury at the greed, short-sightedness and corruption of a system that continually places profit ahead of the needs and safety of ordinary people. The lack of decent, affordable housing can also be seen in the crises of homelessness and gentrification, which exist alongside a glut of homes left vacant despite the overwhelming need for them. A system that cannot provide people with even the most basic shelter is a failed system. In this meeting we will discuss how the housing crisis has reached such abhorrent levels, and why a socialist solution must be pursued.

As always, we’ll be heading to Falmer bar after the meeting for drinks and further discussion.

All welcome!