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Swansea Marxists: 100 years of the Russian Revolution



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/137498946981651
Venue: Seminar Room 4, Fulton House, Singleton Campus

We invite you to join the Swansea Marxist Society to our meeting at which we will be discussing the Russian Revolution, where impossible became inevitable, and where the working class took power over the state for the first time in history, inciting revolutionary situations across Europe and the world.

Was the Russian Revolution a coup? Was it justified? What would happen if working class never took power?

The event will be a perfect opportunity to learn what happened and contrast the events of 1917 with our own times, where modern Capitalism is in a devastating crisis.

As usual, you'll have the opportunity to purchase Marxist books, pamphlets and papers after the discussion at our stall, and we'll also traditionally head to the JCs student bar to continue the discussion. Unfortunately, JCs will not be selling vodka and Leninade, so you'll have to settle for other options.

"Every soldier, every worker, every real Socialist, every honest democrat, realises that there are only two alternatives to the present situation.

Either, the power will remain in the hands of the bourgeois-landlord crew, and this will mean every kind of repression for the workers, soldiers, and peasants, continuation of the war, inevitable hunger and death...

Or - the power will be transferred to the hands of the revolutionary workers, soldiers and peasants; in that case it will mean a complete abolition of landlord tyranny, immediate check of the capitalists, immediate proposal of a just peace. Then the land is assured to the peasants, then control of industry to the workers, then bread is assured to the hungry, then the end of this nonsensical war!

- Grigory Zinoviev