Swansea Marxists: Marxist economics 101


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1455337444562583
Venue: Fulton House, Seminar Room 4

At this society event we'll be welcoming Ben Peck of Bristol International Marxist Tendency who will be introducing a discussion about the way that Marxists view the economy.

What is a wage? What is profit? What is the difference between a capitalist market economy and a socialist planned economy?

If you're looking to understand the answers to these and many other questions, you need to go nowhere other than the Marxist society this Tuesday!

As usual you'll be able to browse through our Marxist bookshop, and enjoy further discussions in JCs with a pint of beer (or a non alcoholic drink, if you want to be like Lenin or Ted Grant!)

It's looking to be a fascinating meeting which we will also livestream on our Facebook group in case you can't make it (but you definitely should!)

See you there! ✊☭