QMUL Marxists: Terrorism, Imperialism, and Capitalism


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Terrorist attacks have been sending waves of shock and revulsion across the world for years now, but why do they happen? We can agree that this kind of indiscriminate terrorism is a form of madness. But it is surely necessary to say where this madness comes from, and it is certainly clear that no amount of rhetoric and tough talk will make a difference to the situation. Jihadist groups thrive and grow stronger from the death and destruction caused by imperialism in the middle east, and by things like the hypocritic silence of the west on the rohingya crisis. Terrorists and the capitalist class both seek to divide the working class, and so the only force that can truly stop the madness of terrorism is a united working class movement.

The meeting will be held on Thursday at 6pm in Francis Bancroft Room G.13.