Oxford Marxists: The Russian Revolution - 100 years on


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/763299410524401/
Location: Gillese–Badun room, Wadham College

100 years ago, on 7th November 1917, the workers and peasants of Russia – with the guidance of the Bolshevik party led by Lenin and Trotsky – took power, overthrew the capitalists, and set about transforming society.

For socialists, the October Revolution was the single greatest event in human history: the first time that the exploited masses have risen up, fought back, and won! To this day, the Russian Revolution is an inspiration to the exploited and oppressed around the world, and the history of this period is full of lessons for all who wish to fight against capitalism and its endless poverty, war, and exploitation.

To commemorate this centenary, the Oxford Marxists invite you to join us for a discussion about the Russian Revolution and its enduring legacy and relevance for today. Our guest speaker will be Rob Sewell, organiser of the anti-Poll Tax campaign that brought down the Thatcher government, author of “In the Cause of Labour”, and political editor of Socialist Appeal.