Warwick Marxists: The Russian Revolution - triumph or tragedy?


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Venue: S0.09

100 Years ago, in a country covering the 6th of the worlds surface the Working Class for the first time in history took power. This week we celebrate their achievements with films, drinks debates and discussions on how the Working Class won.

Our penultimate event sees a debate on whether the Russian Revolution should be seen as a Tradegy or a Triumph, with two great speakers on either side to shed light on the events of 1917 and what happened after.

Other Events in Revolution Week:
Monday: How the Workers took power?
Tuesday: Fim Showing
Wednesday: Drink Like a Bolshevik (POP+Circiling)
Thursday: The Russian Revolution Tragedy or Triumph (Debate)
Friday to Sunday: Revolution! London Conference

All our events are open to all and we encourage everyone to come