Soton Marxists: The life and ideas of Leon Trotsky


Venue: Room 06/1083 The Nuffield Theatre, Highfield Campus, Southampton University

"For forty-three years of my conscious life I have remained a revolutionist; for forty-two of them I have fought under the banner of Marxism. If I had to begin all over again I would of course try and avoid this or that mistake, but the main course of my life would remain unchanged. I shall die a proletarian revolutionist, a Marxist, a dialectical materialist, and, consequently, an irreconcilable atheist. My faith in the communist future of mankind is not less ardent, indeed it is firmer today, than it was in the days of my youth."

- The Testament of Leon Trotsky, Mexico, February 27th 1940

Alongside Lenin, Trotsky was a Bolshevik leader who was instrumental in building, instigating and defending the Russian Revolution of 1917. What can be learned from his life that can be put into practice in transforming today's society?

Join Soton Marxists this Wednesday to discuss the Life and Ideas of Leon Trotsky. A lead-off will be followed, as usual, by an open floor discussion where anyone may contribute and then a summary of the discussion. All welcome to attend, whatever your political ideas or even if you don't consider yourself political at all. We will head to the pub afterwards for further, less formal discussion.