Sussex Marxists: 150 years of Capital


Venue: Fulton 212

This year mark’s the 150th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx’s masterpiece, Capital. To celebrate, this week’s Marxist Society discussion will introduce the principles of Marxist economics. We’ll be joined by Adam Booth, a regular contributor to Socialist Appeal and co-author of Understanding Marx’s Capital: A Reader’s Guide.

Since the crash of 2008, the global capitalist system has experienced the most significant economic crisis in living memory, and perhaps in history, with no end yet in sight. The impact that austerity, unemployment and falling living standards have had on ordinary people has given rise to widespread political polarisation and sharp turns to the left and to the right throughout the world. In the midst of this instability and chaos, the ideas of Karl Marx, previously declared out-dated and irrelevant, have been forced back onto the agenda. In this discussion we will explore the ways in which Marx’s theories of capitalist crisis and the need for a revolutionary transformation of society are more relevant today than every before.

As always, we’ll be heading to Falmer bar after the meeting for drinks and further discussion.

All welcome!