Edinburgh Revolution: Where next for the Catalan republic?


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"It was just after 9:20pm, local time, when the news was announced. The leaders of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Jordi Sánchez, and the Òmnium Cultural (a Catalan culture promotion institution), Jordi Cuixart, were being held without bail on the order of the National Audience judge. What followed was an explosion of anger. People shared the news on WhatsApp groups. Pre-recorded video messages from the Jordis were released and went viral. People started coming out on the streets and leaning out of their balconies and windows banging pots and pans across Catalonia. They were joined by firefighters blasting fire engine sirens."

This paragraph of a report from the ground shows the revolutionary potential of the situation in Catalonia a situation which could shape the future of Europe.

Alba Crespi from Assemblea Nacional Catalana - Scotland/Alba will be our guest speaker. Come along!