Last month, the far right Vlaams Blok changed its name to Vlaams Belang, supposedly to be a “nicer” and “more polished up” version of its former ultra right image. They want to present themselves as a strong conservative party, a “respectable” alternative on which the ruling class can rely to carry out its attacks on the working class. Even in small and peaceful Belgium, all the contradictions are piling up, waiting to explode in one way or another.

The slaughterhouse-workers in Denmark are faced with wage-reductions in spite of the big profits of Danish Crown (the company)!

Fight against all the employers’ demands for wage reductions through the extension of the strike!

NNF (food and allied workers’ union) must support the strike and open up the strike funds! The LO (Danish TUC) must call for solidarity action if no concessions are given!


Fifteen years ago on November 9th 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Within a year East and West Germany were reunited. But unification was carried out on a capitalist basis. Thus it was a counterrevolution. But the movement in the East did not start with that aim in mind, far from it! The early movement had many elements of the political revolution, i.e. a movement against the bureaucracy and for genuine socialism. Here we provide an analysis and also material produced by the Marxists in East Germany at the time.

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