In 1984 there was a militant mood at the May Day rallies as the print workers and engineering workers in Germany prepared for an offensive struggle to achieve a reduction of the workweek without loss of pay. On May Day 2005, 21 years later, a new round of defensive battles to defend the 35-hour week started in the German printing industry.

On the weekend of 28-29 May, the picturesque town of Cortona in Tuscany was the scene of a very successful national meeting of the supporters of the Fifth Motion, the platform organised by the Italian Marxist tendency, Falce Martello. The rally was attended by over 140 comrades from about forty different federations of the Italian Communist Party.

Misha Steklov in Moscow comments on last month’s victory of the Russian team, CSKA (The Central Sporting Club of the Army) over Sporting Lisbon in the UEFA Cup final. “From the Taiga to the British seas, the red army is the strongest of all,” went the chorus of the fans. But only the words of the song reminded you of the club’s origins.

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