French Labour Law: The decisive battle has begun!

Written by Jerôme Metellus - Paris Monday, 23 May 2016

protest-cgt-lille credit-remi-ange-couzinetThe fight against the labor law has entered a new, decisive  phase. The development of open-ended strikes and blockades in several key sectors of the economy have changed the dynamics of movement. Everything is accelerating. After a series of “days of action” in the past two months - to which the government responded with police violence and 49-3 (a special article in the constitution which allows the government to bypass parliament and decree laws,) -  the immediate logical goal of the movement has now become to paralyze the economy. This is the only path to achieve victory.


Corbyn, the BBC, and the bias of the Establishment

Written by James Kilby Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Local Elections 2016 creditSocialist-appealAnyone who in general believed the news before the recent elections would have been in for a shock on the 6th May. Rather than the catastrophic defeat predicted for Labour, the reality was that the Labour Party received by far the most votes cast (38.5%), as against 27.1% for the Tories.


Populism, authoritarianism and constitutional crisis in Poland

Written by Ben Gliniecki Friday, 13 May 2016

KOD-Demonstration-in-Bielsko-Biala credit-SilarSaturday 7 May saw demonstrations take place in Warsaw as the Polish state is gripped by a constitutional crisis. The tectonic plates of Polish society are shifting and an eruption is on the horizon.


French "socialist" government uses emergency powers to impose Labour Law counter-reform

Written by Jorge Martín Wednesday, 11 May 2016

nuit-debout-twitter-picOn Tuesday, May 10th, French PM Valls was forced to use emergency powers under article 49.3 of the constitution to pass the hated El Khomri labour law, as a rebellion in the ranks of the Socialist Party parliamentary group had made it impossible to get the necessary votes to pass it in parliament.


Spain: Podemos - United Left electoral agreement makes the right wing tremble

Written by Jorge Martín Wednesday, 11 May 2016

iglesias-and-garzon jose-camoOn May 9, an electoral unity agreement between United Left [IU] and Podemos for the country's June 26 general election was announced. Members of both organisations will have a chance to vote on it during this week in a referendum.


Britain: Labour’s May elections - Not what the Right Wing wanted

Written by Rob Sewell Tuesday, 10 May 2016

LocalElections2016 credit-socialist-appealThe election results across England and Wales were a shock – a shock for Labour’s right wing, who had been prophesying of electoral Armageddon for the Labour Party under Corbyn.


Denmark: A new stage in the class struggle

Written by Marie Frederiksen Thursday, 05 May 2016

denmarkOn the surface it might seem as though nothing is happening in Denmark. And compared to many other countries that are experiencing one mass movement after the other, it is calm waters. But if we look beneath the surface things are also heating up here.


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