London meeting hears eyewitness account of the Odessa massacre + VIDEO

Written by Rob Holt Tuesday, 18 November 2014

jmSolidarity with the Anti-fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) held a supporters’ meeting on the 11th of November at the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell, London. A packed room heard a series of speakers discuss the current situation in Ukraine and the way forward for the campaign.


SYRIZA must mobilise the workers and the youth! - Speech at the Central Committee meeting of Syriza

Written by Stamatis Karayannopoulos Wednesday, 12 November 2014

imt congress 2010 11Below is the speech by the representative of the Communist Tendency of SYRIZA, Stamatis Karayannopoulos, at the SYRIZA Central Committee meeting that took place during the weekend of 18 & 19 October 2014.


2.3 million Catalans vote despite Spain’s ban

Written by Jordi Martorell Tuesday, 11 November 2014

20120911 Catalonia independence-Jordi Joan Fabrega-thOn Sunday, November 9, over 2.3 million Catalans mobilised to vote in a “consultation” over their future status in Spain defying Rajoy’s government which had twice banned the vote. The vote was on two questions, the first asking if Catalonia should have a state of its own and then, if so, whether such a state should be independent. Of those who voted, 80% or 1.8 million said they wanted Catalonia to be an independent state (Yes-Yes), 10% voted for what is interpreted as a federal solution (Yes-No), and 4.5% voted against statehood.


Spain: The masses must take power and kick out this rotten regime

Written by Lucha de Clases - Spain Tuesday, 11 November 2014

juntos-podemosPODEMOS has become the focal point of Spanish politics. There is no party in the establishment that is not panicking about the dangers of ‘populism’. The last words of the one of the biggest bosses in Spain, the recently deceased president of Santander Bank, Emilio Botin, to a selective group of journalists days before he passed away, expressed his concern about the rise of PODEMOS.


Successful Marxist Weekend School for IMT in Sweden – “In Defence of Marxism!”

Written by Avanti - Sweden Wednesday, 05 November 2014

msg-somosOn October 24-26, Marxists from all over Sweden gathered for a Marxist Weekend School in Gothenburg under the title "In Defence of Marxism!" The School was organised by Avanti, Swedish section of the International Marxist Tendency, who are fighting for the ideas of genuine, revolutionary Marxism in the Swedish Labour Movement and youth. In total, more than 30 people participated in discussions about Marxism and how we can fight for it today. The mood was enthusiastic, which was clearly visible both during the sessions and after.


Review: Owen Jones' "The Establishment"

Written by Ed Taylor Monday, 03 November 2014

theestablishmentowenjonesIt seems a little strange to think that when Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class was released in 2011, its author was then relatively unheard of. Three years down the line and you couldn't be faulted for thinking that Owen Jones is the media's go-to-guy for left-wing opinions. As well as being a columnist for The Guardian, he can often be spotted on television, making appearances on shows spanning from BBC Question Time to The Alan Titchmarsh Show. He is also an activist however, being a key figure in the People's Assembly movement and the think tank CLASS, as well as regularly speaking at various public events.


UK leads the inequality

Written by Steve Jones Monday, 03 November 2014

bankers-drinking-champagne-thA new official report from Credit Suisse paints a grim picture of the growing divide in the UK between the rich and the poor.


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