Fight the purge: defend democracy, defend Corbyn

Written by Socialist Appeal Monday, 31 August 2015

VoteforCorbyn-thThis Labour leadership election, hailed by Jeremy Corbyn as the most democratic party leadership election ever, is being stained by the purge of left-wing members and supporters from the Party. Last week saw a Kafka-esque wave of letters sent out by Party bureaucrats informing thousands of people that they would not be allowed to vote in the leadership election because they did not support the “aims and values of the Party” or because they support an organisation opposed to Labour.


Seize the moment! Vote for Corbyn! Fight for Socialism!

Written by Rob Sewell Monday, 24 August 2015

VoteforCorbyn-thA political earthquake is shaking the Labour Party to its foundations. An unprecedented 610,000 are voting to elect a new leader. The ramifications are being felt everywhere. The mood of anger and bitterness that has built up in society was desperately searching for an outlet. In Scotland, it found the outlet in the Referendum and the rise of the SNP. Now Corbyn’s campaign for Labour leader has acted like a lightning rod for this discontent. It appears to be unstoppable, with Jeremy Corbyn on course to win the Labour leadership contest.


The lessons of Greece: the failure of reformism

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 21 August 2015

tsipras-faceing-crowdsGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras just announced he will step down. He has lost his parliamentary majority and Syriza is split, with left leader Lafazanis announcing the formation of a new party, Popular Unity. Speaking in a televised address last night, Tsipras stated that the Syriza government would tender its resignation and call an election. Tsipras said Greeks still have struggles ahead of them, but that Greece is “determined to honour” the latest so-called bailout package. What does this mean?


Greece: Snap elections called, Syriza split - statement of the Communist Tendency of Syriza

Written by Communist Tendency of Syriza Thursday, 20 August 2015

communist-tendency-syrizaGreek Prime minister Alexi Tsipras has called for new elections on 20 September. At the same time the Left Platform within Syriza has announced the setting up of a new party which will run in these elections. Below you find the statement of the Greek Marxists of from the Communist Tendency of Syriza on the recent events.


Britain: Last minute surge puts Corbyn victory within sight

Written by Brian Adams, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP (personal capacity) Monday, 17 August 2015

Jeremy-Corbyn-rallyThe Corbyn campaign for Labour leadership, it seems, likes to operate at the 11th hour. It was only with two minutes to go that Corbyn reached the required 35 nominations from MPs. And now, in the final 24 hours before the registration deadline, over 160,000 people have applied as members or supporters in order to vote in the leadership contest. Nobody is in any doubt as to who the vast majority of these applicants will be supporting.


Greece: Speech of Stamatis Karagiannopoulos at the recent Syriza CC

Written by Stamatis Karagiannopoulos Wednesday, 12 August 2015

thumb imt congress 2010 11Below is a transcript of the position of the Communist Tendency of SYRIZA as put forwards in the meeting of the Central Committee, delivered by comrade Stamatis Karagiannopoulos:


Greece: The Political Conclusions of the Syriza CC Meeting

Written by Communist Tendency of Syriza Sunday, 09 August 2015

communist-tendency-syrizaBelow we publish a report and analysis, written by the Communist Tendency of Syriza , about the Central Committee of Syriza which was held on Saturday 8 August. Elsewhere today we also publish a speech made at the meeting by Stamatis Karagiannopoulos, member of the Communist Tendency as well as the Syriza CC.


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