Is the leader of the Italian metalworkers about to form a new workers’ party?

Written by Alessandro Giardiello Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Is the leader of the Italian metalworkers about to form a new workers’ party?On March 28, more than 50 thousand people marched through the streets of Rome in a demonstration called by the metalworkers’ union (FIOM) against the so-called “Jobs act”, a law approved by the parliament that cancels many of the gains made by the Italian workers’ movement in the 1970s. The demonstration was a success, also because it was the first test for the “Coalizione Sociale” (Social Coalition), a proposal raised by Maurizio Landini, the general secretary of the FIOM.


Ukranian Parliament bans communist symbols and legitimises nazi-collaborators

Written by Jorge Martín Friday, 10 April 2015

On April 9, the Ukrainian Rada passed 4 pieces of legislation submitted by the government that ban all symbols and propaganda of communism. After the law comes into effect, any monuments of communist figures which have not already been destroyed by fascist thugs in the last few months must be demolished. As well, any cities and streets which are named after communists are to be renamed.


Self-harm, suicide and capitalist alienation

Written by Lee Singh Gill Thursday, 09 April 2015

depression-drinks machine-thRecent figures reported by the BBC demonstrate that the “number of children being admitted to hospital in England for self-harm is at a five-year high”. In a study done by the Health and Social Care Information Centre it was shown that in the 10-14 year old age group, admissions of girls had gone up from 3,090 to 5,953 between 2009/10 and 2013/14, whilst admissions of boys during the same period were shown to rise from 454 to 659. This is an increase of almost 93% and 45% for girls and boys respectively.


Dirty lies about the Swedish Left Party's support of “pro-Russian rebels” in Ukraine

Written by Ylva Vinberg Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Borotba-logo-thIn Sweden a defamatory campaign has been launched in the media about the Left Party and its position in relation to the breakaway republics in Eastern Ukraine. We publish here an article by the Swedish Marxists of Avanti, which answers all these slanders. We believe this article is of interest to an international audience.


Germanwings crash in the Alps: sick pilot a symptom of a sick industry

Written by Martin Swayne Friday, 03 April 2015

paper-flying-moneyThe news of the German pilot Andreas Lubitz flying the Germanwings Airbus 320 into a mountain in the French Alps came as a shock to the world. Although the official accident investigation is still in progress and will take months to complete, French authorities quickly made this into a criminal investigation and released certain information pointing the finger to the First Officer on board.


Andalusia: victory for a PSOE in decline and resounding defeat for the right

Written by Lucha de Clases - Spain Wednesday, 01 April 2015

analucia-election-resultsOn March 22 elections were held in the region of Andalusia, the most populated region in Spain and a key political arena. This is especially so because, firstly, these are the first elections in a year that will be marked by the ballot box: there will be municipal elections in May and general elections in December.


Ukraine: one year after the Maidan 'revolution'

Written by In Defence of Marxism Monday, 30 March 2015

Borotba-logoWe here bring an interview with the Ukrainian left wing organisation Borotba discussing the situation in Ukraine today, one year after the Maidan movement and the fall of Viktor Yanukovych.


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