The Egyptian workers are not alone! Solidarity needed

Egypt is entering a crisis. The working class is standing up, as strike after strike shakes the country. The government has decided to hit back, attempting to close the Centre for Trade Union and Workers’ Services.

No to the attacks against the working class movement!

No to the closure of The Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services!

The Egyptian regime is trying a variety of measures to suppress the new wave of trade union activity that has developed. One of these measures is the closing down of the The Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services at Najaa Hamadi.

We strongly urge all trade unionists, labour activists and defenders of labour and human rights to publicise as widely as possible this case and condemn these anti-trade union and anti-working class acts by the Egyptian authorities who have yet again targeted this pioneering trade union.

Please contact the Egyptian consulates and embassies demanding that the trumped up charges against The Centre for Trade Union and Workers Services be dropped and that the authorities do everything possible to stop these attacks.

You cannot imagine how important international solidarity of this kind can be in raising workers' morale!

We ask you to send protest emails, faxes or letters to:

Ministry of Labour:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Hisham Mubarak Law Center:

the Center for Trade Union and Workers Services:

copies of all correspondence to

Protest letter:


It had been brought to out attention that you have closed down The Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services. We are following carefully what is happening in Egypt and are informing our work colleagues of this. We protest very strongly at this kind of action and we will do our best to expose your brutality. An injury to one is an injury to all.


Solidarity letter:

Dear brothers and sisters,

We have been informed by the comrades of In Defence of Marxism that the authorities have closed down The Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services. We are sending you our solidarity and support and wish you well in your struggle.


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