Down with the dictator Erdogan - Letter from Turkey

The following letter was received on Monday from an activist in Turkey.


We have all been in protests for 3 days. Now we are in K.. When I get home I will write something. Just in Ankara 1500 people were arrested. 2 people died only Ankara. I think I cannot easily describe it all. It is a very very special process. We have talked with Alan [Woods] about the dynamics of a secular peoples’ [movement] and the potential for it. Young people and also the older generations of modernist people are the core elements of the protest. Please write in your newspaper about the 'dictator Erdogan'. [The reaction to] this process has got clearly fascist and dictatorial characteristics. The police use gas and are shooting plastic bullets at us but the people refuse to go home. Whenever I have time I will write you in detail.

Best regards for all friends...

[Signature withheld]