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The rise of SYRIZA to power – a veritable political earthquake – has opened up a new period in the class struggle, not only in Greece but the whole of Europe. Which way the SYRIZA government will go in the coming months will affect all the European Left.

The leaders of SYRIZA believe that an agreement with the Eurogroup that is acceptable both to the European capitalists and the Greek workers is possible. But history shows that you cannot serve two masters.

The Communist Tendency of SYRIZA has patiently explained that SYRIZA must break with the bourgeoisie in Greece but also in Europe, if it wants to serve the interests of the working class. They were the first that correctly analysed the situation after the Greek elections and the nature of the agreement with the Eurogroup.

Our tendency is the only one inside SYRIZA that is funded exclusively by our own members and supporters. But the situation is moving very fast, with constant turns and changes, which require regular analysis on the part of the Marxists and a stepping up of their activities, with pamphlets, leaflets and more regular public meetings.

All of this costs, and while the comrades in Greece are making big sacrifices, they are also facing a difficult situation in terms of job losses, and cuts in wages and pensions. We are therefore calling for financial support from the comrades and readers of the In Defence of Marxism website to help us spread the ideas of Marxism inside the Greek workers’ movement and SYRIZA. By helping the Greek Marxists financially, you are also strengthening the struggle for socialism in your own countries!

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