Pakistan Elections: Defend the victory of the Marxists - Solidarity needed!

Since the Pakistani general elections on 11 May this year, the forces of reaction have been manoeuvring to try to deny a democratically elected candidate his rightful place as an elected representative of the people of Pakistan. Tomorrow is an important day in this process as it will witness these reactionary forces doing everything they can to steal the victory of the Marxists.

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Comrade Ali Wazir of the International Marxist Tendency stood as an Independent candidate from NA-41 South Waziristan. He secured 5,700 votes while his closest rival managed only 3,700.

However, the Election Commission of Pakistan, under pressure from the Taliban and the reactionary forces of the Pakistani State, didn’t publicly declare this victory and instead declared the re-polling of four polling stations in the constituency on 21 May.

According to reports from the constituency, people are determined to once again vote for comrade Ali Wazir who is standing on a socialist platform with the slogans of Peace, Bread and Employment. He also stands in open opposition to the drone attacks of US Imperialism and the dark reactionary forces of the fundamentalist Taliban and the Pakistani State. During the preparations for this re-polling comrade Wazir has started a campaign of mass mobilisation that has been met with enthusiasm and energy by the population of South Waziristan.

Ali Wazir 2013Before the elections on 11 May a big public meeting was held in Wana, South Waziristan in which, according to Express Tribune, thirty thousand people participated. By all accounts it was the largest gathering of its kind in the city’s history. Traditional dancing accompanied the raising of slogans in support of comrade Ali Wazir. The joy and happiness on people’s faces was a rare sight in this war torn area, one which Barak Obama has declared as the “most dangerous place on earth”.

Another big achievement of this revolutionary campaign was that, for the first time in history, women cast their vote in this primitive constituency.

All the happiness, joy and progressive slogans have dropped like bomb shells on the hearts of the reactionary forces who are doing everything they can to steal the democratic rights of people of this area.

It is quite evident that despite all their efforts and this cynical attempt at re-polling, comrade Ali Wazir will win again with a thumping majority.

However, the most important thing here is to defend this victory from the forces of black reaction. Two delegations from the IMT have arrived in Wana. The delegation of comrades from North Pushtoonkhwa is led by comrade Ghufran Ahad who has faced these fundamentalist forces himself in Swat and Malakand. Another delegation from South Pushtoonkhwa is being led by comrade Bakht Niaz Sikandri from Bannu. Comrade Ghufran explained that we are determined to win the battle tomorrow but after that the most important task is to defend our victory. He said that he has met the Returning Officer of the constituency, a representative of the Pakistani elections committee, and that he has conveyed to him the concerns held by the International Marxist Tendency about the anticipated vote-rigging and other methods that could be used to sabotage the victory.

Comrades are also planning to hold huge protests in the constituency and in the adjoining cities as a way to combat the suspected planning of a fraudulent election on the part of the state authorities.

Despite the threat of drone attacks, suicide bombings and other terrorist activity, all of which would help to cover up fraudulent activity, our hopes are high and our comrades are determined to fight to the finish.

We appeal to the workers of the world to convey their concern about this attempted fraud to the election commission of Pakistan and to the Pakistani embassy in their country. We must defend our marvelous victory that has been won in the most barbaric conditions on this planet.

Long Live the struggle against Fundamentalism and Imperialism!

Long Live Socialism!

Forward to socialist victory!

Solidarity Appeal!

In order to support the Struggle of Comrade Ali Wazir and the Marxists of Pakistan please send the below model letter to the following adresses as well as your local Pakistani Embassy.

Email the letter to: and CC to:

To: the Ambassador,

The Embassy of Pakistan

cc: The Election Commission of Pakistan.

Your Excellency,

We the undersigned wish to express our concern and alarm at the undemocratic events surrounding the elections in South Waziristan NA-41.  

We note that Ali Wazir, the independent candidate standing for election in the NA-41 constituency of South Waziristan, polled 2,000 more votes than his closest rival and yet the Election Commission of Pakistan failed to declare his victory in the election.

Every civilised nation that supports the basic principles of democracy must allow its citizens to freely and fairly elect their representatives. We are therefore particularly concerned by reports that the Taliban, an undemocratic, fundamentalist organisation, and other anti-people forces in the area has influenced the decisions of the Election Commission. 

We also note the mass campaigns and support that Ali Wazir has ignited through his candidacy in these elections. We hope that your government and the Election Commission recognise that Ali Wazir’s demands for Peace, Bread and Employment reflect the desires of the people of South Waziristan. To deny these people their chosen representative is a gross breach of democratic principles. 

We express our concern at the potential for fraudulent activites during the re-polling of South Waziristan NA-41 tomorrow. We deeply and sincerely hope that the Election Commission and your government will uphold Ali Wazir’s clear victory in the interests of democracy and justice. 

We express our unreserved support for the ordinary people of South Waziristan and we support Ali Wazir as their democratically elected representative.

Respectfully yours,