DR Congo: Tensions boil over into mass student protests against Kabila

Written by Ben Morken Thursday, 29 January 2015

drc-protest2Over the last couple of days Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has been rocked by a series of protests against the weak, reactionary and corrupt government of Joseph Kabila. Through mass mobilisations, the predominantly student movement has dispelled any notion of the democratic credentials of the Kabila regime and has exposed its true dictatorial nature.


Democratic Republic of Congo: M23, imperialist looting and barbarism – Part Two

Written by Gavin Jackson Wednesday, 23 January 2013

M23 withdrawl from Goma-Gabe Joselow-th

The M23 officers – Bosco Ntaganda, Sultani Makenga et al – have risked highly lucrative positions in the FARDC command structure, control of tax rackets mines and timber amongst other things in carrying out this rebellion. Why is it war seems more profitable than peace?


Democratic Republic of Congo: M23, imperialist looting and barbarism – Part One

Written by Gavin Jackson Monday, 21 January 2013

Democratic Republic of Congo: M23, imperialist looting and barbarism – Part One. Photo: Gabe JoselowOnce again the Democratic Republic of Congo has been through months of turmoil, soldiers defecting en masse from the Congolese Army (FARDC) followed by fighting between government forces and militia in the Kivu regions. But why is all this happening and what interests lie behind these events? Gavin Jackson looks at the different forces on the ground and outlines the looting on the part of the various imperialist powers that is the real reason behind the barbarism.


Oppression of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “the Rape Capital of the World”

Written by By Ben Gliniecki (Cambridge, Britain) Monday, 12 March 2012

women-demonstration-thDespite having a constitution that enshrines equality between the sexes, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to some of the most extreme and brutal oppression of women. This demonstrates in a very vivid manner that women’s oppression cannot be eliminated simply through legal rights, but requires certain material conditions, which in turn must be fought for in the shape of a class struggle. (The author of this article recently visited the DRC where he found a country ravaged by imperialism and where the oppression of women was extremely acute.)


DR Congo elections – no way out on basis of capitalism

Written by Gavin Jackson Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Election violence-thIn a country two thirds the size of Western Europe the overt and widespread rigging of elections has not prevented the Congolese masses turning out to decide their own fate by any means they can find. In the process more than a dozen have been killed and over a hundred injured before the election with at least another four killed by the police of the regime in the days after the result was announced.


New revelations on the assassination of Patrice Lumumba: A belated trial of Belgian colonialism

Written by Pierre Dorremans Wednesday, 19 April 2000
The night of January 17th 1961 Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba, was shot dead in Katanga. Forty years later a new book by Belgian sociologist Ludo De Witte uncovers proof of what everyone already knew: the complicity of the Belgian government and the United Nations in this crime. Pierre Dorremans looks at the political background of this case and explains the politics of Lumumba.

Capitalism, Imperialism and the Wars in Africa. The Meaning of the Conflict in Congo

Written by Jordi Martorell Friday, 09 October 1998
In May 1997 Kabila came to power in the former Zaire (which he renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo), ousting dictator Mobutu. The US diplomacy was euphoric. They now had a string of "client" regimes which included Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, Rwanda, the DR of Congo and also a great deal of South Africa's foreign policy in the region was dictated by Washington. But many things have happened since. At least nine African countries have become involved in the Congo conflict which broke out on August 2. What is the meaning of the conflict in the DR of Congo?

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