Collection for PTUDC relief funds at Benazir Bhutto film premiere in Germany

285.15 Euros raised for Pakistan earthquake appeal after premiere of film on Benazir Bhutto. At the Exground-Filmfestival in Wiesbaden 285.15 Euros were collected for the solidarity-caravans of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC). At the premiere of the film "Benazir Bhutto, Daughter of Power” - a bourgeois film about the leader of the PPP and for a time prime minister of Pakistan - we were allowed into the discussion that followed to present the action of the Pakistan comrades and make an appeal for the collection. Although the film rarely dealt with the base of the PPP and the problems faced by trade unionists and left activists under the Musharraf-dictatorship, the interest and readiness to give donations of the visitors were great. So we were allowed to distribute some leaflets and collect a lot of money. Even the president of the PPP in Germany was present and interested in further cooperation with us.