[Classics] In Defence Of Marxism

A Letter to James P. Cannon[1]

28 May, 1940

Dear Comrades,

The resignation of Burnham[2] is an excellent confirmation of our analysis and prognosis concerning the ex-Minority. We don’t believe that it is the last separation.

W.R. [Leon Trotsky]


[1] This letter was written by Trotsky in English.

[2] Burnham’s letter proclaiming his open repudiation of socialism and at the same time announcing his resignation from the self-styled ‘Workers Party’ set up by the minority after their split in April 1940 is dated 21 May, 1940. The text, never made public by Burnham’s collaborators, was printed in the August 1940 issue of Fourth International and can be found here. – Ed.

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