Celebrate the Russian Revolution centenary with the IMT!

100 years ago, the Russian masses - led by Lenin and the Bolsheviks - changed the course of history by taking power in the October Revolution. The International Marxist Tendency is hosting a series of meetings and discussion groups all over the world, in order to defend the ideas of the Bolsheviks and celebrate the hour of revolution. Join with us in celebrating the centenary of the greatest event in human history – help us fight for world revolution today!






Graz: November 11

Graz: Revolution ist nicht Geschichte


Banja Luka: November 18

Značaj Oktobarske revolucije za radnički pokret


Sussex: November 1

100 Years of the Russian Revolution

London: November 7

Celebrating the Bolshevik Revolution

London: November 6

1917-2017: The Russian Revolution - 100 years on

Liverpool: November 7

The Russian Revolution: 100 Years On


Toronto: November 7

Russian Revolution: 100th Anniversary CelebrationRussian Revolution Day School + evening plenary and celebration

Montreal: November 7

Les 100 ans de la Révolution d'Octobre


Copenhagen: November 3

Seminar - Revolutionen 100 år efter


Lyon: November 7

Centenaire de la Révolution d'octobre

Paris: November 10

Réunion publique : Centenaire de la révolution d'Octobre 1917


Wiesbaden: November 4

100 Jahre Russische Revolution


Utrecht: November 18

The October Revolution 1917/2017- Day School


Belgrade: November 11

Značaj Oktobarske revolucije za radnički pokret

Novi Sad: November 12

Značaj Oktobarske revolucije za radnički pokret


Stockholm: November 3

Ryska revolutionen 100 år!

Gothenburg: November 4

Ryska revolutionen 100 år - Fira med Revolution!

Malmo: November 7

Ryska Revolutionen 100 år!

Umeå: November 7

Ryska revolutionen 100 år


New York- November 11

100 Years Since the Russian Revolution!