British workers support Arab revolt

An Emergency Motion in support of the Arab workers was passed at a meeting of the West Midlands TUC on Saturday, January 29th. It was agreed to forward it to the Regional TUC and to all affiliated Trades Union Councils.

“The WMTUC applauds the heroic courage of the peoples of the Arab world, such as Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, who are seeking by their actions to overthrow their oppressive regimes.

“The WMTUC condemns the hypocrisy of western states, especially the USA, which for over three decades have pumped more than $40bn into Egypt to maintain Hosni Mubarak in power as he represents stability for western interests. Only now, once the Arab peoples have erupted onto the streets, is the USA calling for social, political and economic inequalities to be addressed.

“The WMTUC supports the demands of the people on the streets for the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of organisation. It also supports the demands for a society where the issues of poverty, hunger, unemployment, and economic and social inequality will be resolved.”