Title Created Date Author
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Britain: May crushed and humiliated in Brexit vote 16 January 2019 Adam Booth
Britain: could there be a second EU referendum? 09 January 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: May’s Pyrrhic victory 13 December 2018 Rob Sewell and Adam Booth
[Video] Alan Woods on Brexit: “Those who the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad” 12 December 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain’s Brexit circus: May premiership hanging by a thread 11 December 2018 Adam Booth
Britain: May government humiliated as Brexit vote approaches 07 December 2018 Adam Booth
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
Britain: the Brexit bombshell 15 November 2018 Rob Sewell
Britain's brexit crisis: what is the likely outcome? 25 October 2018 Rob Sewell
Brexit: a never-ending saga 19 October 2018 Adam Booth
Britain: People's Vote – why we oppose a second Brexit referendum 21 September 2018 Josh Holroyd
May's Africa visit: dire dancing and desperation 11 September 2018 Joe Attard
Britain: Tory rebels retreat, preparing future crisis 22 June 2018 Josh Holroyd
North of Ireland: hard choices over a hard border 23 May 2018 Ben Curry
Britain: Tory civil war rages over customs conundrum 22 May 2018 Josh Holroyd
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UK: May's Brexit fudge – keeping the DUP happy, at what cost? 14 December 2017 Ben Curry
Brexit: una imagen del futuro de Europa 25 October 2017 Josh Holroyd
Brexit: a picture of Europe's future 17 October 2017 Josh Holroyd
Britain: Labour's EU-turn 07 September 2017 Stephen Agnew
Labour Brexit conundrum: fight for a socialist alternative! 27 April 2017 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Brexit: May’s orderly exit over a cliff 06 April 2017 Rob Sewell
Tory Brexit begins - fight for a socialist Europe! 30 March 2017 Socialist Appeal (Britain)
Sturgeon's call for IndyRef2 sparks political storm 16 March 2017 Amy Dean
Brexit, May, and the "special relationship" 08 February 2017 Daniel Morley
The North of Ireland: Scandals, Brexit and spiralling crisis 26 January 2017 Ben Curry
May's Brexit fudge - "Putting off the evil day" 19 January 2017 Josh Holroyd
Britain: "Train-crash" Brexit and the tensions in Whitehall 06 January 2017 Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal