On Wednesday Alan Woods spoke to 200 workers at the occupied CIPLA plant in Joinville, Brazil. He was invited to speak on Workers’ Control and the Struggle for Socialism.

Yesterday, Alan Woods spoke at another meeting in the Camara de Vesadoria in Joinville, where around 200 workers had gathered to listen to him speaking on the general world situation. The meeting was introduced by Serge Goulart, leader of the occupied factories movement in Brazil, and present in the audience was also Roberto Chavez, the general secretary of the Bolivian Miners’ Federation.

After his successful trip to Venezuela, the editor of Marxist.com, Alan Woods, accepted an invitation to speak at an important conference of workers in occupied factories from all over Latin America. The conference is taking place this weekend in the industrial city of Joinville in the south of Brazil. It is being organized by CIPLA, an occupied plastics factory in Joinville.

The first round in the Brazilian elections can only mean further instability for the largest country in Latin America. The Brazilian ruling class looks with fear at the developing revolutions in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Mexico. At any time, over any issue, the masses of Brazil could rise up

Trezentos representantes dos trabalhadores das fabricas ocupadas do Brasil, do MST, do Centro de Direitos Humanos (CDH), representantes de trabalhadores de fábricas ameaçadas de fechamento ou demitidos, representantes de sindicatos, da CUT, do movimento popular, da juventude trabalhadora, com a participação fraterna de representantes de fábricas recuperadas na Venezuela, na Argentina, no Uruguai, na Bolívia, nos reunimos no auditório da Cipla, e discutimos democrática e livremente como organizar e mobilizar nossas forças para que nenhum posto mais de trabalho seja perdido e como conquistar a estatização das fábricas ocupadas. Joinville, 18 de dezembro de 2005.


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