Bolshevik Day activities in Pakistan

Bolshevik day, as the anniversary of the Russian revolution is known here, was celebrated with great enthusiasm across Pakistan in 30 cities in which large numbers of workers, peasants and youth participated. Here we provide reports and pictures sent in by the comrades locally.


A meeting was held here in Kissan Hall to commemorate Bolshevik Day. Nearly 100 youth, workers and women participated in the meeting. Comrade Zuhaib, Secretary General People’s Students’ Federation Punjab was the Stage secretary. Speakers included popular singer Jawad Ahmed, progressive journalists Jamshed Imam and Saeed Qazi, President Railway Traffic Yard Association, Munir Chattha, Student leader from Punjab University PSF Tauseed Satti, a leader from the JKNSF, comrade Riaz, the intellectual Nisar Safdar Advocate. A revolutionary poem was also recited by Dr. Tahir Shabbir.

Speakers gave a detailed account of the events that led up to the Bolshevik Revolution and outlined the need for a similar revolution in the present conditions when the capitalist system is declining fast. Jawad Ahmed started off by stating that we should interpret the philosophy of Marxism in the language of the workers and go to them in the factories and institutions.

Saeed Qazi said that the present crisis has exposed the futility of capitalism and the need for a new system that is only socialism. He said that the ideas of Marxism have proved their correctness over the years and now the time has again arrived to lead the masses towards a socialist victory for which a Bolshevik party is needed.

Participants included Comrade Sumera, Comrade Ijaz Shah, Ch. Abdul Rasheed from Emco Tiles, comrade Sajid Hussain from Syed Bhais industries, Asif Shah from PPP Mazang and workers from Pakistan Telecommunication and Railways.


KarachiA rally was organized in Regal Chowk in Saddar in which workers and youth from various walks of life participated. Participants raised slogans in favor of socialism and against American imperialism and state terrorism. On this busy crossing of the city hundreds of people passing by responded to the slogans enthusiastically. PTUDC president Riaz Hussain Baloch addressed the rally and emphasized the importance of a socialist revolution in Pakistan.


A meeting was organized by the PTUDC in Khursheed Labour Hall on 7 November. Both individual and state terrorism are rampant in Balochistan in which target killings and bomb blasts are everyday occurrences. On Bolshevik Day two bombs exploded in Quetta killing many people. Also many innocent people of various nationalities and ethnicities are being targeted and killed to impose national prejudices on society.

QuettaComrade Lal Khan was the chief guest. Workers, trade unionists, youth and people from all walks of life participated. Comrade Nazar Mengal was stage secretary. Comrade Hameed Sherazmal opened the discussion with a detailed account of the events of October 1917 in Russia and its aftermath. After that comrade Khaliq presented his views on this event.

At the end comrade Lal khan addressed the meeting. He said that the last century saw three revolutions in Russia. The first was in 1905 which was drowned in the blood of the workers. The second took place in February 1917 in which the masses overthrew the Czar of Russia. The third one took place on 7th November 1917 under the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky which opened up the transition to socialism and gave a new dimension to humanity.

He said that the Marxists had analysed the inevitable downfall of Stalinism in the USSR and that is why they were not shocked at the events in 1991. He emphasized the fact that another socialist revolution is now required to overthrow this monstrous system which is killing people mercilessly on the whole planet.

Rahim Yar Khan

A big public meeting was held here on 7 November to celebrate Bolshevik Day in which more than 350 workers and youth participated. The meeting was presided by Vice-President of the PTUDC Rana Qamar uz Zaman Khan, while Azim Mahandra, President Unilever Action Committee was the chief guest. The meeting started with a poem recited by Comrade Mahmood ul Hassan. The speakers include comrade Kajal, comrade Abbas Taj, Beerbal Ram Chohan, Peer ji Ashraf, Rukhsana Pia, Akbar Malik, Abid Shah, Muhammad Din Warind, District General Secretary PPP, Bilal Jam, Organiser YFIS Khawaja Farid College, Masood Afzal Kashi, BNT Organiser, Prof. Rizwan, District General Secretary of APCA Mehboob Mughal, Abdul Majid Kanju, Sajid Khan president Movement for Restoration of Dismissed Workers of Unilever and District President MRDW PPP Javed Akbar Dhiloon.

Participatants included Rana Ehsan ul Haq, President of peasants’ union of Robert Farms, Ch. Abdul Rashid, Sardar Ismaeel Dahar Advocate, Khalil Bukhari of Bazme Farid, Jam Azam Anees, Mazhar Saeed Gopang, Jam Asghar, Jam Iftikhar, Liaqat Khan Gorgeej, Khalil Chanida, Rais Tariq, Umair Bhatti, Shahid ullah, Mian Faisal Divisional President PYO, Akram Bhatti from PSF, Comrade Nasreen from the women’s wing of the PPP and workers of MRDW Unilever, Sajjad Shah, Abdul Razzaq, Khalid , Ishtiaq and Jehanzeb Khan from the Labour Action Committee of Unilever.

After the meeting a rally was held which marched round the city. The rally started out from Allama Iqbal Library and turned into a public meeting in front of the gates of Unilever. The participants raised slogans against the Unilever administration and said that we will organise sit-ins until the workers are restored.


A meeting was held in the Shelan Guest House to mark this historic day which was chaired by comrade Anam, while comrade Ilyas Khan presided the meeting. Speakers at the occasion were Nadim Pasha, Asim Khan, Aslam Ansari, comrade Tahir Javed and Saeed Anjum from the Railways, Jam Zawar and Jam Sajjad from Pakistan Telecommunications, Akram Ansari from the power loom workers and Ghulam Nabi Awan from the Khanewal Railways. At the end comrade Ilyas Khan, Central Secretary General People’s Lawyers’ Forum, summed up the discussion and highlighted the importance of a socialist revolution in Pakistan.

Kot Addu

A seminar was held at the Press Club to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of Bolshevik Day on the topic “Lessons of the Bolshevik Revolution 1917 and our tasks”. Stage Secretary was comrade Shahriyar, while the speakers were comrades Nadeem Gadi, Zeeshan Gul District Information Secretary People’s Students’ Federation, comrade Faran, General Secretary PSF, Abdur Rehman Gurmani Advocate and comrade Nazir Umar Advocate. In the end Comrade Ali Akbar summed up the discussion.


A meeting was held in Miani a small town in the suburbs of Sargodha. Nearly 40 workers, peasants and youth participated in the meeting. Activists from Kheora, Bhalwal and Bhera came to attend this meeting. Comrade Nadeem Nawaz addressed the meeting and gave a detailed account of the events of the Bolshevik revolution. He, along with other speakers, highlighted the significance of building a Bolshevik party in the present day conditions.


A meeting was held in which nearly 50 workers, political activists, PPP activists and journalists participated. Dr. Umar Naseer, Afzal Inqlabi and other speakers addressed the meeting and said that today the workers are living in miserable conditions and how a socialist revolution is needed to overthrow this system.


A rally was organized in front of the Press Club in which workers, youth and labour leaders participated with revolutionary fervour. Participants held red flags and pictures of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky and raised slogans on socialist revolution. Communist leader Jam Saqi addressed the rally and highlighted the significance of celebrating this day in the present conditions. He said that capitalism is declining on a fast track and the only alternative for the survival of humanity now is the socialist revolution. Other speakers were the editor of ‘Class Struggle’ Sindhi Harish Kumar, Pir Muhammad, Sindhi District President PTUDC, provincial Vice President PTUDC Jay Parkash, District General Secretary PTUDC Eesar Das, Nasim ud din, comrade Kamla from YFIS and Hanif Musrani, Provincial Secretary General BNT.

Mirpur Khas

A rally was held here to celebrate this historic day. Participants in the rally included Comrade Ramesh, Parshotum, Khalid, Hardil Kumar, Javed Baloch, Ghulam Hussain Chandio, Annand and Bhoro. Addressing the rally speakers highlighted the importance of this day and emphasized the need for socialist revolution in Pakistan in present conditions.


On 7 November a meeting was held in Chandka Medical College in which students of the medical college participated enthusiastically. Comrade Ejaz Bhagio led off on the historical significance of the day. Later Comrade Sher Muhammad Rahujo, Kifayatullah, Amjad Lakheer and Gohar Kashmiri participated in the meeting.


On Bolshevik Day a meeting was organized in which nearly 50 comrades participated. The meeting was chaired by Saddam Khaskheli. Khalid Jamali gave a detailed account of the October revolution. After that Comrade Akram Musrani explained why this side of the history is concealed from the working classes and this event is not taught in the school syllabus. Comrade Anin summed up the discussion with a will to repeat this history in Pakistan on a much bigger scale. After that a cake was cut amid the slogans of socialist revolution.

Khairpur Meerus

A meeting was held in the offices of the United Labour Federation in which workers, political activists and students participated vigorously. Speakers at the occasion were Anwar Panhwar, Shahbaz Phulpoto, comrade Saeed and comrade Faraz. Paricipants included Ayaz Sheikh, Abdullah Koari from Sachal Tailors’ Association and Amjad Lashari, Shahnawaz Dhot and Arib Koso from other labour organizations.

Khairpur Nathan Shah

A meeting was organized to celebrate the 92nd Bolshevik Day which was chaired by Comrade Aftab Chandio. Speakers at the occasion were Majid Bhagio, Shahid Manaijo, Hafiz Soomro and Shabbir Leghari.

Thari Meer Wah

A meeting was held in the BNT offices in Handiari. Speakers at the occasion were Anwar Panhwar, Sharjeel Shar, Zahid Mangi, Mansoor Baloch, Babar Jogi, Ghafar Shar, Aslam Dasti and Ali Nawaz Shar.

Mirpur Bathoro

Bolshevik Day was celebrated by the cutting of a cake amid workers from the flour mills and general stores. Also students, journalists and political workers were present in big numbers. At this meeting the speakers were Harish Kumar, Jabar Zinour, Ghani, Sikandar Zinour, Anwar Uqeli and Qadir Zinour, President Bathoro Labour Union. At the end a resolution was passed calling for the raising of the wages of workers of flour mills and in various stores to Rs. 200 ($2.5) daily.


Bolshevik revolution was celebrated on 8th November in which more than 60 comrades participated. Comrade Javed Ranjhani chaired the meeting while comrade Anwar Panhwar presided. Chief Guests at the occasion were comrades Sain Bux Rind, Sharif Jamali president PPP Johi and Khalid Jamali president BNT Dadu district. Speakers at the occasion were Sultan Babar, Ghulam Nabi Rustamani, Alah Warayo Soomro, Hamid Soomro, Wafa Brahmani and Zahid Memon. Comrade Naqad Thaeem recited a revolutionary poem.

Bhan Syedabad

On 7th November 40 political workers and social activists participated in the meeting which was chaired by Shah Muhammad Panhwar. Speakers at the occasion were comrade Anwar Panhwar, comrade Khalid Jamali and comrade Ejaz Bhagio. Speakers highlighted the importance of this day and the history of the Russian revolution. At the end a cake was cut to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of Bolshevik Day.


A public meeting was held at the Batkhela Press Club in which more than 70 workers and youth participated. Speakers at the occasion were comrade Ghufran Ahad, comrade Shakeel Khan and comrade Adam Pal. Stage Secretary was comrade Akhtar Ali Advocate.

Speakers highlighted the historical importance of this day and the need for a similar revolution in present day conditions. Speakers said that the people of Malakand have suffered a lot from the brutal killings at the hands of the Taliban and now also the Pakistan Army. Now a war is being waged in South Waziristan which is affecting millions of people of South Pushtoonkhwa.

Also this war has led to a series of bomb blasts in all cities of Pakistan in which Peshawar is the most affected. This historical and busy city has now become a haunted place.

Speakers explained that the IMT does not support any side of the warring factions but condemns this war between different factions of the ruling classes. We support neither the Pakistan Army nor the Taliban, and we also condemn US imperialism which is directly involved in this war. We also condemn the displacement of millions of people from the Tribal Areas which are living a miserable life in D. I. Khan and other cities, where they are regularly brutalised by the Army. They also have no access to basic necessities such as food, water and shelter.

The speaker said that our future is not to live beleaguered lives but to create a heaven on this earth. In the present conditions of declining capitalism one can’t even dream of such a future. In this darkness, socialist revolution is such a light that will enlighten the whole world. They also said that the revolutionary movement on any side of the Durand line will spark the movement on the other side as the fate of people living across this line is tied together.


A public meeting was organized in Rawlakot in which more than 100 revolutionaries participated. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Basharat Ali while Rashid Khalid gave a lead off.

Others who contributed on this topic were the President of JKNSF Amjad Shahswar, Shoaib Sham, Bilal Amin, Tassawr Mosowi, Naeem Afzal and comrade Asif Rasheed. At the end comrade Rashid Khalid summed up the discussion.


Bolshevik day was also celebrated in the Rawalpindi press club. The detailed report, already published, is available here.


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