BLOG: General strike in Belgium!

In one hour, the national 24h general strike in Belgium will start. The port pilots of Zeebrugge, Antwerpen etc. will stop working. No ship will enter nor leave the ports of Belgium. At 10 pm the Belgian airspace will come to a halt and no civil plane will land or depart from any airport. All trains will also stop for 24 hours. It will be just the beginning of probably the biggest general strike in the history of the Belgian working class. Truckers have called to block the main roads and blockades will be set up in all industrial zone's. Tomorrow morning the rest of the country will come to a halt, busses, trams, underground, all public services and all industry and distribution. The magistrates have issued a call of solidarity and will also go on strike. Despite the mobilisation of 12.000 police officers (including 500 police students!), the totality of the available police force, the strike will be one of the most general of general strikes ever. Nothing moves without the workers, no wealth is created without the workers. Welcome to working class Belgium!

Written yesterday, December 14

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