Belgian trade unionists support Boliviarian revolution against imperialist bullying: 'Venezuela must not become a second Chile 1973!'

Thanks to the visit of Jorge Martin, the coordinator of the Hands off Venezuela Campaign earlier this year, the socialist public service union (ACOD) of the Belgian province of Limburg has decided to take up the issue of the Bolivarian revolution.

At its recent congress in May the activists voted a resolution supporting the social programmes of the Chavez government aimed at fighting illiteracy, increasing education facilities and improving the health situation of the poor.

These Belgian trade unionists understand that the efforts of destabilisation of the Chavez government by the local oligarchy and the USA and other Western governments are aimed at protecting the privileges of the rich and the control over the very important oil resources of the country.

The union demands also all progressive forces to express their solidarity with the struggle of the people of Venezuela and its president Hugo Chavez against international capital.

Finally the union want to make sure that Venezuela does not become a second Chile (referring to the bloody coup of General Pinochet against the Popular Unity government in 1973) and that Chavez will not be remembered as a second President Allende (who died in the military coup when he was overthrown in September 1973).

The congress also decided to grant the title of honorary activist of the union to the president Hugo Chavez!

Especially young trade union activists expressed their satisfaction at the decision of the Congress to support the revolution in Venezuela. They were happy to know that the union expands its interests to international matters beyond the daily work on the floor.

The re-elected general secretary of the union, Gust Haverbeke, also signed the appeal of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign opposing the intense imperialist pressure to obtain a recall referendum with fraudulent means.