Beginning of Rebellion in the Ukrainian Army?

Further to the report we published about a mutiny of soldiers of the 3rd Battalion of the 51st Brigade, here are some additional news which indicate that the mutiny is spreading to the 2nd Battalion based in Rivne.

Disturbing news from the war. Ungrateful ATO and army leadership has led to disobedience in parts of the army

The 3rd battalion of the 51st mechazed infrantry brigade (shot at near Volnovahka, Donbass) were moved from the East to the South for supposedly “continuing training”. But just yesterday and the day before the soldioer were informed that they were going back to Rivne for training.

When they arrived in Mykolayiv, the more than 1000 soldiers refuised to leave their truck and unload their equipment. As of now, they are waiting for the arrival of their comanding officer. The soldiers are resenting the fact that the command had lied to them about going back to Rivne and instead are transporting them seemingly around the country as was reported this morning by Volynski Novyny.

The following was reported on FB by Volodymy-Volynskyi activist Roman Martynyuk who is in constant contact with the armed forces:

“Having lost any kind of trust in the generals in light of the latest events at Volnovakha and during the funerals in Rivne, and the betrayal of the generals; the soldiers have begun an open rebellion.

To resolve the situation, yesterday, a group of local soliders came from Volyn to Mykolaiv, the same ones who so poorly conducted their mobilization. Obviously, the general staff decided to resolve the situation in this way.

Critical situation at Dachna where the KP brigade is still based.

Discontentment as well from the 2nd battalion which is still in the Rivne barracks. Soldiers and officers saw with their own eyes the extent of the situation when they sent the 51th brigade – the largest fighting force in the Ukrainian land forces – the generals were saying “go north” then “go south” to the extent that the soldiers are ready to shoot them. The generals have begun wearing bulletproof vests out of fear of fragging!”

During the funeral services at the Rivne barracks, the soildiers openly talked about their discontent…

Furthermore, the salary, which on the orders of general Kolesnik was given to them in cash, was only enough to buy vodka. So here are our soldiers, driven to this by the generals, who are in turn reaping the fruits of their poor leadership.

Nobody wishes to repeat the events of Volnovakha…

Yesterday evening, one of the soldiers from the Rivne barracks informed Novovolynski Dyloviy that over 1200 soldiers and officers are prepared to disobey the decision to move them to Mykolayiv:

“They promised, when they called upon us, that we would be guarding the Ukranian-Belorussian border. We are ready to do so, but to move on those Donbas clowns we are not!”

He aslo said that the men that were relocated from the east to Mykolaiv, are there without food, weapons and are guarded by gunmen.


English translation by Peter Mikhailenko for Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine.