Letter from Ted Sprague in Canada: Baker's article does not add anything good to the debate

Dear comrades,

This is Ted Sprague from Canada. I am among those who was surprised to see Brian J. Baker's article in which he raises the question as to "whether or not global warming is human-caused". He does this in a very poor manner. While as Marxists we do need to educate ourselves about this issue, Brian's article did not add anything good to the debate and I agree with Mick Brooks' reply.The way the debate is framed by Brian is akin to having a debate about "whether God exists or not" or "whether the US government knew about 9/11 in advance", it is very irrelevant and academically petit bourgeois.

There are too many blatant flaws in his article. For example, arguing that global warming is flawed because it gets colder in some areas, and saying that cold kills more people, therefore the warming should be welcomed. ("The Warming is something that should be welcomed instead of feared. Cold kills more than warm."). Pardon my language, but this is simply stupid. There are better ways to present this question and debate it so that it is relevant to our tasks as socialist.

Ted Sprague in Canada