Austria: Solidarity with the Arab workers and youth who are storming heaven!

We publish a resolution which was passed this weekend at the Karl Marx Seminar of the Vorarlberg Young Socialists and photos of the demo in solidarity with the Arab Revolution. Ninety young comrades from Austria, Germany and the Swiss Jusos were present. Around 500 euro were also raised to help finance the work of Arabic language Marxist website

The news about the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt are an inspiration for all people who seek a way out of exploitation, poverty and oppression. No police and state apparatus, however strong they may appear, are capable of stopping the masses once they have entered the stage of history. Dictatorships like those of Ben Ali in Tunisia, who held power for more than 23 years with an iron fist, and the methods of corruption cannot resist this revolutionary wave. The pictures of police and soldiers running away or even fraternizing as we saw in Sidi Bouzid or in Alexandria are the best evidence of the strength of these revolutionary movements, which will shake the whole Arab world.

In Tunisia the uprising brought a first and visible success with the fall of the dictator. But there is still the danger that the revolution will be stolen from above. The most important thing is that the committees of self-defence, which are responsible in many towns and villages for guaranteeing public order and the resumption of economic and social life, should be strengthened, that they are extended to the whole country and that they link up to build a really democratic Tunisia which is able to break the economic and political stranglehold of imperialism. An important step towards this would be the nationalisation of all the key sectors of the economy under workers control.

By challenging the pro-imperialist dictatorships in their countries, the workers, the unemployed and the youth have started to storm heaven. This is even more important because in the West a picture is portrayed to give the impression that the people in this region are all Islamic fundamentalists. But what we see now is that masses in Tunisia, Egypt, and soon in the whole Arab world, have entered the road to conquer “paradise on earth”!

We will build solidarity with these movements in our countries and we will fight with all our means against the attempts of imperialism to intervene against the revolution in the Arab world. The people in Tunisia and Egypt have to decide their own destiny.

Down with state repression!
Long live the international solidarity!
Long live the revolution in the Arab world!

Picture gallery of demonstration in Bregenz