[Audio] Lenin, Trotsky and the October Revolution

Today is the 91st anniversary of the October Revolution, quite possibly the greatest moment in human history. For the first time the working class took control of both the state machinery and the means of production. In one bold move the old feudalistic mode of production was swept aside and the bourgeoisie, too weak to take control or play a productive role, were defeated also.

The worldwide implications of the Russian Revolution were massive. Workers from all over the world were inspired to struggle for freedom and control over their own lives.

As Trotsky said, "The success of socialist construction in our country is inseparable from the success of the revolutionary movement in the entire world". The backwardness or Russia made it even more reliant on the world proletariat to support its development.

At the ULU Marxist Society Rob Sewell (author of The History of British Trade Unionism, What is Marxism, Germany: Revolution to Counter Revolution and of the editorial board of Socialist Appeal) spoke on the history of the Russian Revolution, what happened to it and the lessons it gives us when looking at the struggles of today.

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