The policies of the ruling class based on privatization, downsizing, and restructuring have made life hell for the working class. On the one hand the rulers are throwing the workers into the quagmire of joblessness and poverty and on the other hand they are involved in massive corruption and looting. And in a continuation of this looting and plundering, they are planning to privatize the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Ltd. (PTCL). As a result, thousands of workers will lose their jobs and will be thrown out without any notice or benefits from this organization.

As the continuing Iraqi resistance defies the might of US imperialism, cracks are beginning to widen between the various imperialist powers. Once again it is being proved in the alleys of Baghdad, Falluja and other cities of Iraq, that no power on earth, however strong it might be, can crush the masses in revolt. The ghost of Vietnam is once again haunting America.

The present dictatorship of General Musharraf inflicted a Black Law, the IRO 2002, on October 26, 2002. This year on that same day, the PTUDC, YFIS and the People’s Labour Bureau (PLB), in collaboration with major trade unions throughout Pakistan organised a “Black Day” to protest against this reactionary law. Over 50 rallies were organized in 22 cities with the overwhelming, enthusiastic participation of some 6,000 people.

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