At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, 23rd March 2005, the traffic in the centre of Lahore was brought to a standstill by a militant demonstration of workers and youth. This was organized by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and the Anti Labour Laws Workers' Action Committee, with the backing of The Struggle, the Pakistan Marxist Tendency.

On Sunday, 27 March, Alan Woods, the editor of was interviewed  for GEO Television, the Pakistan TV network with the biggest audience  worldwide. The programme, which should be shown sometime this week, will  be seen not only in Pakistan, but also in India, the USA, Canada and all over the Middle East.

Javed Shaheen, who also spoke at the congress, is perhaps the most politically mature and class conscious poet of his epoch and generation. We publish here one poem for the readers of In Defence of Marxism.

Dozens of journalists have been beaten and detained in Islamabad, with police charging the journalists in Lahore. The journalists have staged a sit-in outside Governor House in Karachi, as countrywide rallies were held in Pakistan called by the PFUJ to observe International Press Freedom Day.

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