Pakistan: 38th Anniversary of Afghanistan’s "Saur revolution" commemorated in Baluchistan University

Written by Baloch Student Organisation (Pajjar) Friday, 29 April 2016

huge-number-of-participantsOn 27 April, the Baloch Students Organization (Pajjar) organized an event commemorating the 38th anniversary of the Saur Revolution of Afghanistan. The event was held in Baluchistan University. Besides students from the Baloch Students Organization, there were also students from the Pashtun Students Federation, the Baloch Action Committee along with progressive teachers, writers and intellectuals. All participants congratulated the BSO for organizing such an event.


Pakistan: May Day edition of Worker Nama is out!

Written by Worker Nama (Pakistan) Tuesday, 26 April 2016

workernama5The special 2016 May Day edition of Worker Nama, the paper of the IMT in Pakistan, is available now.


Pakistan: Brutal attack on Young Doctors by Police in Quetta

Written by Dr. Ejaz Ayub Friday, 08 April 2016


On April 7th police brutally attacked protesting young doctors in Quetta, in which more than fifteen young doctors were severely injured and twenty arrested. Some of the injured doctors are in a serious condition and could lose their eyesight or become permanently paralyzed as a result of this attack.


Our comrade in Indonesia jailed: Send your message of solidarity and donation

Written by Militan Indonesia Thursday, 07 April 2016

Hakam Agus dipenjaraOn the morning of April 7th, 2016, comrade Abdul Hakam, a member of Militan Indonesia, the IMT section in Indonesia, was sent to jail for three months for his trade union activity. Hakam is a labour organizer for FSPBI-KASBI Gresik, one of a very few radical trade unions in Indonesia. Along with Agus Budiono, who is also from FSPBI-KASBI Gresik, he is charged under the “Unpleasant Act law” (Read Fight the Criminalization of Workers! Free Abdul Hakam and Agus Budiono). Their only crime is to be on the side of the workers.


Pakistan: When terrorism becomes a strategic asset!

Written by Adam Pal Monday, 28 March 2016

lahore attackOn the evening of Sunday, 28 March, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a children’s park in Lahore. At least 72 deaths have so far been confirmed and more than 250 are reported injured. This is yet another in the series of terrorist attacks continuing in this “land of the pure” in recent years.


Pakistan: Pakistan International Airlines - the struggle continues

Written by Rob Sewell Thursday, 24 March 2016

PIAmeeting1The workers of Pakistan International Airlines have been at the forefront of the class struggle over the last few months. Rob Sewell, the editor of Socialist Appeal, spoke to leading trade union activists at the Lahore airport about their recent battles.


Pakistan: My visit to Dickensian times: the rail engine works

Written by Rob Sewell Wednesday, 23 March 2016

IMG 20160323 102010This morning I travelled back 150 years in time. The scene was almost Dickensian. I visited the railway engineering workshops in Lahore, Pakistan.


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