Pakistan: Strengthening the rich, devastating the poor

Written by Lal Khan Tuesday, 08 April 2014

pakistan-women-thDuring the question hour in the National assembly, in a written reply to a question submitted by MNA Lal Chand, the finance minister Ishaq Dar told the house that “from July 2013 to February 2014 the government waived Rs. 320.8 billion to the business class in tax exemptions.” This was actioned in a country whose major social indicators – tax as percentage of GDP, education spending as a percentage of GDP and healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP – are the lowest in the world.


The forsaken history of liberation

Written by Lal Khan Friday, 28 March 2014

bhagat singh 1929 thSouth Asia’s elite historians have deliberately distorted certain events within their accounts of the struggle against British imperial rule and subsequent bloody partitioning. One such significant episode was the struggle of the Hindustan Revolutionary Socialist Association (HSRA) and its most renowned martyr Bhagat Singh. On the 23rd of March 1931 the twenty three year old revolutionary and his comrades in arms Sukhdev and Raj guru were murdered at the Lahore central jail.


Pakistan: Victory for female nurses, humiliating defeat for Punjab Government

Written by Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign – Lahore Monday, 24 March 2014

nurses-3-th2800 female nurses have won their struggle against the government in Punjab. Despite their brutal and vicious tactics, the government had to face a humiliating defeat.


Russian annexation of Crimea – What consequences for world relations?

Written by Francesco Merli Friday, 21 March 2014

ukraine-russia-thOn 18 March in front of the Duma in Moscow, Russian president Vladimir Putin delivered a defiant speech announcing the annexation of Crimea, after a referendum on Sunday had confirmed that the vast majority of the Crimean population favours the option of becoming part of the Russian Federation. Immediately after his speech the Crimean authorities signed a treaty which puts that decision into practice, which is now being ratified by Russia's Parliament while we are writing.


Pakistan: Successful Public Launch of Marxism and the USA

Written by our correspondent in Islamabad Monday, 17 March 2014

DSCF1563-thOn Saturday, March 15, 2014, the Urdu edition of Marxism and the USA was presented at the National Press Club in Islamabad. The book, written by Alan Woods, was originally published in the United States. The public launch of the book, with the presence of the author, was a highly anticipated event. Comrades and media travelled from across Pakistan to hear Alan Woods present his latest book in Urdu. 300 people packed the hall until there was standing room only, and three television channels covered the event. Special mention must be made of the participation of dozens of hospital workers and nurses who are currently on strike, and who have been subjected to brutal attacks by the police. This has resulted in several nurses being sent to hospital.


China: Luxe tijgers en bluffende vliegen

Written by Ben Peck Friday, 14 March 2014

De groei en de winst van luxe merken zoals Louis Vuitton, Remy Martin en Bentley zijn in de afgelopen periode - na recordhoogtes - gevoelig gedaald. Dat de verkoop van luxeproducten boomde in de afgelopen jaren, tijdens een periode van wereldwijde recessie, is opmerkelijk op zich. Volgens de Financial Times verkochten luxegoederen de afgelopen 3 jaar beter, vergeleken met een periode van minstens een decennium daarvoor.


Thousands participate in 33rd Congress of the Pakistani Section of the IMT

Written by Our Correspondent in Lahore Saturday, 08 March 2014

congress-2014-2-thThis year the 33rd congress of The Struggle was awaited with great expectation. The coming to power of the right-wing government of Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim League was the signal for new and severe attacks against the working class and The Struggle and the PTUDC have been at the forefront of the counterattack.


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