Fifteen years after the invasion of Afghanistan, the Kabul government is both at war with the Taliban and attempting to involve them – or at least sections of them in government. This contrasts starkly with what was being said by the bourgeois media and politicians back in 2001 with their rejoicing at the final end of the rule of the Taliban. Alan Woods explained at the time that, “…even if a ‘national unity’ government is formed, it will not take long to disintegrate into a government of national dis-unity. Once again, matters will be resolved, not in the corridors of parliament, but in the streets and in the mountains.” Events since then have amply confirmed the Marxist analysis. Also see Afghanistan - the unwinnable war by Alan Woods (October 2008)

thumb Armenians marched by Turkish soldiers 1915Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire’s attack on Armenians. On April 24, 1915, several hundred Armenian intellectuals were rounded up, arrested and later executed. This was the start of the Armenian genocide, a bloody massacre which was to last until 1917. Here we republish Alan Woods’ article that covers this tragic episode during the First World War.

The Armeniana people were once proud of what they achieved after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, in spite of the later Stalinist deformations. But since the demise of the former Soviet Union capitalism has been introduced and the effect has been a total collapse of what was once a developing and cultured country.

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