Argentina: Solidarity with the Lanus unemployed workers' movement

On Monday, April 15, two "piqueteros" were wounded at a road block protest in front of the town hall in Lanus, by a police agent provocateur riding a motorbike with no license plates who fired on the crowd. This is the most serious provocation by the police so far against the unemployed workers' movement. We urge all our readers to send messages of solidarity.

On Monday, April 15 we witnessed one of the most violent police provocations against the pickets organised by militant unemployed workers ("piqueteros"). Hundreds of unemployed workers had organised a road block in front of the Lanus town hall. The protest was organised by the Popular Assemblies of Villa Urquiza - La Torre - Gonet - Monte Chingolo, the La Fe infant school, the Neighbourhood Workshop "Trabajo y Dignidad", the Glass of Milk project "Turno Tarde" and the Unemployed Workers' Movement (MTD) of Lanus which is part of the national coordination of unemployed workers (CTD) Anibal Veron.

During the protest, a man riding a motorbike attacked the picket line trying to force his way through, threatening to ride over the "piqueteros". When the piqueteros tried to stop him, he produced a 9mm gun and fired 7 shots at the demonstrators. Two people were injured, one seriously; this is a 34 year old comrade who has not received his unemployment subsidy (plan trabajar) for two and a half months.

The police and the infantry guards present charged on the demonstrators firing rubber bullets and rescued the attacker who had been surrounded by the people.

The aggressor showed his police identification to the police officers. The motorbike had no plates and was left abandoned on the road. The unemployed workers and neighbours are still waiting for news about the health of the wounded comrades who were taken to hospital, while they maintain the road blockade. All those present who had came with kids were sent home.

We appeal to all our readers to circulate this information and make it widely known, so that this serious act of repression is not silenced.

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