Appeal: help comrades in El Salvador purchase a printing machine

The Salvadoran section of the International Marxist Tendency, Bloque Popular Juvenil, has marked 10 years of publication of its paper BPJ – Militante. From a modest first issue in February 2009, when it was a quarterly three-page tabloid, the paper has improved into a regular monthly paper with a print run of 600 copies, which doubles for the May Day edition.

The paper has become a regular feature in the trade union struggles and amongst the youth, and is well-known amongst the advanced layers in El Salvador. The comrades have now launched a campaign to raise US$5000 in order to purchase a duplicator able to print in tabloid size. They have already collected US$2300 and have a target of raising another US$1400 in the course of the year from comrades, sympathisers, supporters and the sale of merchandise.

We would like to appeal to our readers and supporters to donate towards this campaign with the aim of raising another US$1300 to reach the target.


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