Another Commission

First published in Pravda No. 85, July 1 (June 18), 1917. Published according to the Pravda text.

Economic disintegration has begun. The- bourgeoisie are attacking all along the line. Decisive measures must be taken.

What does the Provisional Government intend to do?

To save Russia, to combat economic disintegration, to normalise the economy, it has a project for a new organisation, a detailed plan for combating economic ruin.

The business of “organising the national economy and labour” is to be the concern of an Economic Council.

At last they are taking measures, passing from words to deeds. Excellent, they are long overdue!

But what is the composition of this Economic Council?

Who is going to fight economic ruin? Who is going to carry on the struggle against the criminal policy of the capitalists, the employers, the factory owners?

It turns out that the overwhelming majority of the Council will be capitalists. Isn’t that a mockery?!

Here is the composition of that worthy body:

The Council membership includes the Ministers of War and of Labour, and three members of the co-operatives.

It is clearly the capitalists who will take decisions.

Another body is to be set up that at best will benefit no one.

Further, there are to be, as usual, countless commissions, sub-commissions, committees, etc.

That is how they intend to combat economic disintegration.

A shark has been thrown into the water.