During the night of 7 April, our comrade Martin Oskarsson passed away at the age of 59 years. He was hit by a sudden bout of pneumonia that led to blood poisoning. Despite being under intensive care, it was unfortunately not possible to save him. Our thoughts are with his close friends and relatives.

Just in time for Christmas, IMT Sweden is pround to announce the launch of its new web shop. Stormklockan.nu will be a great source of Marxist books, pamphlets, pins, stickers, clothes and much more! Visit us today to check out our latest offers. We accept card and bank payments. Order now to get your delivery before Christmas.

Yesterday, Monday 31 October, in Turbat in Balochistan, the home of comrade Zareef Rind was attacked by unknown gunmen. His 18 year old younger brother Hasil Rind Baloch – an activist of the Baloch Student Organization (BSO) – was killed by a bullet shot in the head. However, it seems clear that the actual target of this attack was Zareef Rind who was at home and not very far from his brother when he was killed, although usually he is based in Karachi. Since his younger brother resembles him very much, the assailants may have hit the wrong target.

We are glad to announce that tomorrow's book launch of Trotsky's Stalin at the Trotsky Museum in Coyoacan (Mexico) will be broadcast in live streaming. For more details read this.

Saturday August 20, 7pm Mexico time, live streaming of Trotsky's critical biography of Stalin launch meeting, with Alan Woods and Esteban Volkov.

La presentación del libro "Stalin" la biografía crítica de Trotsky se transmitirá en vivo por internet.