The execution of three men who had hijacked a ferry and the harsh sentences handed out to 74 opponents of the Cuban regime in April has generated nearly universal condemnation, at least on the part of the media and most governments. When we analyze this issue, we have to base ourselves on a class position. The interests of the working class come first, both inside and outside Cuba.

The anti-war movement around the world has been a great inspiration to the workers and youth in America. From the seas of demonstrators on mass demos in the US, Spain, Italy, Britain, France, Pakistan, the Middle East, and elsewhere, to the hundreds of smaller demos from small town USA to Antarctica, this is truly a global movement. This wave of radicalization is occurring even before the war on Iraq has formally begun. Above all, it is a reaction against the ongoing war on working people all around the world. More and more, people are realizing that a tiny minority of wealthy parasites makes its profit by leeching off of the majority of humanity. The drive to war has served as a catalyst to awaken all these frustrations and most importantly, to give it an organized expression.