On Thursday, July 14, a group of Young Socialists and representatives of the Editorial Board of Der Funke organised a picket in front of the Brazilian embassy to protest against the threatened repression of the Cipla and Interfibra workers who have occupied their factories to defend their jobs.

This is a statement of the editorial board of In Defence of Marxism signed also by other Marxist currents and magazines all over the world. We express our opposition to the campaign of US imperialism and the Venezuelan oligarchy against the revolutionary process in Venezuela and put forward the perspective of socialism as the only way to defend it. Also in Spanish, Danish, Italian, and German.

Two years after the brief April 2002 coup, Venezuela is still living through an unfinished revolutionary process. The masses of the people and the workers have defeated the counterrevolutionary conspiracies of the local oligarchy and imperialism twice, but the revolution has not been completed and thus the danger of a new reactionary coup is still ever present.

The developing revolution in Venezuela has brought into sharp relief what the correct Marxist approach should be to this phenomenon. Unfortunately many who claim to be Marxists have revealed that they really have no understanding of the reall essence of Marxism. Alan Woods looks at the traditions of the movement going right back to Marx himself.

The Venezuelan revolution is at the crossroads. Having twice defeated the counterrevolution, the revolution is faced with a new and furious offensive on the part of the oligarchy and its imperialist backers. How can the revolution stop reaction? The only way is by completing the revolutionary process. The workers must take power.

Morale is of vital importance in a revolution. The masses have demonstrated that they are prepared to fight to defend the revolution. How much more enthusiastically would they fight if they had the power in their hands? It is impossible to hold down an entire people, when the people is armed and mobilised. So the taking of power is the key. Either the greatest of victories or the most terrible of defeats – that is the choice before the Venezuelan revolution.