Hurricane Katrina highlighted the extreme class contradictions that exist within US society. In this interview John Peterson, Editor of the US Socialist Appeal, outlines how attitudes are changing and how awareness of the real situation is sinking into the consciousness of millions of Americans. (This text is also available in the original Dutch version at:

Twenty-five years ago today John Lennon was killed in New York. There was a mass outpouring of grief all over the world. This was because he symbolised something different from the mainstream music industry. He gave expression in the words of some of his songs the genuine feeling of disgust of many workers and youth at what capitalist society stands for.

In Venezuela a number of political, community-based and trade union groups have sprung up, as the masses try to take the initiative in the context of a revolutionary offensive. A good example is the case of the workers in the Algodonal Hospital in Caracas who have been struggling for democracy in the workplace and for the right to have a space for trade union and political meetings. We met Johan Rivas who is the general coordinator of the Bolivarian Workers’ Front in Algodonal and a comrade of the CMR (Revolutionary Marxist Current), to talk about the activities that are going on.