On Saturday, February 4, a truly gigantic demonstration in support of the Bolivarian Revolution marched through Caracas. The march was at least 12 kilometres long and revealed that the revolutionary élan of the masses is still alive and kicking. Chavez called for the arming of the people to face up to the danger of imperialist intervention. The coming year will be a crucial one if the revolution is to go forward and be completed.

In every country on earth, working people face the same conditions: attacks on wages and benefits, speedups, layoffs, broken contracts, sell-outs, and an all around lack of respect by the bosses.  The Soldiers of Solidarity, initiated by rank and file members of the United Auto Workers, are saying: "Enough is Enough!"  Their struggle to organize against these attacks has inspired working people internationally.  We call on all workers in the U.S. and around the world, organized and unorganized, as well as the youth - the workers of tomorrow - to support their efforts 100 percent. Click here to view the messages and to send your own.

The Spanish Frederick Engels Foundation, after last year’s successful intervention, is once more at the Havana Book Fair, which opened over the weekend. Last year there was great interest in Trotsky’s works. This year the intervention will have an even higher profile with Alan Woods speaking at the fair, launching the Cuban edition of Reason In Revolt. He will also speak at several other meetings.