Brazil: The death of comrade Chico Lessa – one of our own

Written by Esquerda Marxista Monday, 02 March 2015

foto selecionada chicoThe Central Committee of Esquerda Marxist (the Marxist Left) notes with deep regret the death of our comrade Chico Lessa, which occurred on Saturday morning (28/02). We offer all our sympathy to the family and friends of Comrade Chico.


Mexico: Freedom to the arrested of the #26FebMx!

Written by La Izquierda Socialista Saturday, 28 February 2015

rrrOn 26 February the 2015, the Ninth International day of Action for Ayotzinapa took place. Thousands of people, mainly students, took to the streets of Mexico City in order to demand the return of the 43 students that went missing on 26 September 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero. Five months have passed and the versions of the events, told by the Mexican federal government have all shown to fall apart under scrutiny.


USA: Largest Oil Workers' Strike Since 1980 Enters Fourth Week

Written by Achille Marotta and John Peterson Thursday, 26 February 2015

oil-strikeOn February 1, 3,800 workers walked out of 9 oil producing facilities in the US. In the past three weeks, the strike has spread to 6 additional plants, including the Motiva Enterprises refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, which has a crude capacity of 600,000 barrels a day, the largest of its kind in the country. The strike now involves 6,550 workers, at plants accounting for 20% of the country’s refining capacity. This is the largest walkout since 1980, and there is the possibility of it spreading to more workplaces.


New Website for US Marxists!

Written by Socialist Appeal editorial board Thursday, 26 February 2015

new-websiteAfter many months of work, the Workers International League is proud to unveil our brand new website! We hope the new functionality and ease of use will make it even easier for workers and young people to learn more about Marxism and the ideas and work of the IMT in the USA. Check it out and join the struggle for a better world!


Venezuela: Answer coups and economic sabotage with a revolutionary offensive!

Written by the Marxist Tendency of the PSUV Tuesday, 24 February 2015

maduro-elections-rally-12-april-2013-2The historical experience of Chile, Nicaragua and Cuba demonstrates that as long you do not remove the class enemy from power within the country, they will not stop until they have crushed the revolution. This is very relevant to the situation faced today by the Venezuelan revolution. Read the statement of the Marxist Tendency of the PSUV, the IMT in Venezuela.


Venezuela: Raising the Price of Gasoline - An Inflationary Measure for No One’s Benefit

Written by Deivi Peña Friday, 20 February 2015

venezuela-oilSome analysts and “leftist intellectuals” are discussing raising the price of gasoline as a way out of the fuel supply crisis that exists especially in the country’s border zones. However, in the framework of a capitalist economy such as that which still exists in Venezuela and especially under the full-blown sabotage of the bourgeoisie against the Bolivarian government, whatever rise in the price of gasoline, however small it may seem, would spark a spiral of inflation that would end up seriously cutting into the pockets of the dispossessed masses.


Historic turnout for the 2015 Marxist Winter School!

Written by Fightback - Canada Thursday, 19 February 2015

fightback-2015winterschool-crowdOver 80 people registered to participate in the annual Marxist Winter School on the weekend of February 15-16 in icy Montreal. This year’s school, held at Concordia University, broke the record for the highest attendance in the event’s history, and saw revolutionary activists visiting from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and California.


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