A Marxist student is shot dead in Balochistan

Yesterday, Monday 31 October, in Turbat in Balochistan, the home of comrade Zareef Rind was attacked by unknown gunmen. His 18 year old younger brother Hasil Rind Baloch – an activist of the Baloch Student Organization (BSO) – was killed by a bullet shot in the head. However, it seems clear that the actual target of this attack was Zareef Rind who was at home and not very far from his brother when he was killed, although usually he is based in Karachi. Since his younger brother resembles him very much, the assailants may have hit the wrong target.

Mir-Hasil-RindHasil Rind Baloch - Photo: Own workZareef Rind is well known for his Marxist views. He has been the leader of the BSO for many years and joined the IMT 3 or 4 years ago. At the convention of the Progressive Youth Alliance held on 5 December 2015 in Lahore he was elected Secretary General of the PYA. In his speech to the Convention, which was attended by a large number of students from all over Pakistan, Zareef Rind openly condemned the military operation in Balochistan and emphasized the need of class solidarity for a socialist revolution that will end national oppression.

The comrades in Balochistan are still investigating and trying to figure out the intentions behind this attack. The Pakistan army has launched a huge military operation in Balochistan against nationalist insurgency, while various nationalist organizations are fighting against each other. Attacks by Islamic fundamentalists are also on the rise. And to complicate things still further, these areas of Baluchistan are afflicted by bloody tribal feuds.

This is the second time Zareef Rind’s home has been attacked. In March this year his home was attacked by rocket launchers and gunfire. That attack, during which one of his relatives was seriously injured, was claimed by a nationalist group. There is a tradition of infighting in nationalist groups in Balochistan, and the BSO has come under fire for criticising their false policies and methods. However, no organization has yet claimed authorship of yesterday’s murderous assault.

Whoever is responsible for this bloody deed, an urgent response is needed. Comrades of the IMT Pakistan Centre in Lahore met today to discuss the situation and they will take the necessary actions to counter this attack. The comrades of the BSO are holding a press conference and will organize a protest in Quetta today. Tomorrow a protest will be held in Lahore. Other protests will be held in the coming days.

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