Venezuela: Neither agreements nor conciliation - Complete the revolution!

Written by Lucha de clases, Marxist tendency of the PSUV Tuesday, 15 April 2014

201404-Maduro-Capriles-SIBCI-thOn the evening of April 10, the main political representatives of the Venezuelan opposition attended a meeting at Miraflores Presidential Palace with representatives of the government and the Bolivarian revolution. The meeting generated a lively debate within the Bolivarian movement. We publish here the statement of Lucha de clases - the Venezuelan section of the IMT, together with some explanatory notes.


Ukrainian crisis spiralling out of control

Written by Francesco Merli Monday, 14 April 2014

20140414-Donetsk-regional-admin-building-PIC-Graham-W-Phillips-thUkrainian president Oleksandr Turchynov declared yesterday in a live televised address that a full-scale operation involving the army will be launched to regain control over Eastern Ukraine. Whether it is a bluff or a real threat, which the Ukrainian government has the will and means to enforce, is yet to be seen. But today, the same Turchynov has declared that the Kiev government is not against holding a referendum in Eastern Ukraine and set a date for May 25. Meanwhile, there is talk of Kiev asking for UN peacekeepers. This all shows the insoluble mess the Ukrainian authorities have got themselves into.


Ted Grant - The Permanent Revolutionary. Chapter One: The Early Years

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 11 April 2014

Ted Grant - Permanent Revolutionary coverThis is the first chapter of the biography of Ted Grant, written by his friend and collaborator for more than 50 years, Alan Woods. It describes Ted Grant's childhood and early life in South Africa, how he came into contact with the Trotskyists and the background to his emigration to Britain. The book is available for sale on Wellred Books (UK and US) and as an Ebook on Amazon and other markets. We will be publishing it here over the coming weeks.


Successful Hands off Venezuela meeting in Germany distorted by Bavarian Broadcasting

Written by Claudia Kocabalkan and Christoph Mürdter Friday, 11 April 2014

20140328-HOV-Germany-th"Hands off the Revolution in Venezuela" was the title of a public meeting in the city of Wiesbaden organised by the local neighbourhood branch of DIE LINKE (Left Party) Wiesbaden-Westend, Hands off Venezuela (HOV) in Germany and Der Funke editorial board on March 28, 2014. The speakers invited were Jimmy Chediak, Venezuelan Consul General in Frankfurt, and Hans-Gerd Öfinger from HOV in Germany.


Over 120 present at best ever Socialist Appeal supporters conference

Written by Guy Howie Thursday, 10 April 2014

conference2014-2-thThis year’s annual conference of Socialist Appeal supporters and sellers saw another record turnout. Over the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th April, more than 120 Marxist activists convened in London to discuss the perspectives for revolution and the organisational tasks at hand for the Marxists in Britain.


Britain’s looming energy crisis

Written by Chris B Thursday, 10 April 2014

grangemouth-refinery-thOver the last weeks and months, concerns about energy have become more and more widespread in Britain. Firstly the simmering controversy over “fracking” has become more prominent, with a series of demonstrations pushing this issue into the public eye. Then the pledge of Ed Miliband that the next Labour government will freeze energy prices was met with howls of protest from the coalition parties and threats by the energy companies that “the lights will go out”. In addition, the announcement that Britain will build the first new nuclear power station for decades has been overshadowed by the attempt to close the Grangemouth oil refinery. The question has to be asked: is Britain facing a serious energy crisis?


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Venezuela: Ni pacto, ni conciliación - completar la revolución - Declaración de Lucha de Clases, Corriente Marxista del PSUV

Written by Lucha de Clases, Corriente Marxista del PSUV Tuesday, 15 April 2014

201404-Maduro-Capriles-SIBCI-thEn la noche del 10 de abril se celebró la primera reunión del Diálogo por la Paz con Justícia entre representates del gobierno y la revolución bolivariana y representantes de la oposición. La reunión ha generado una viva polémica en el movimiento bolivariano sobre sus objetivos y límites. Publicamos la declaración de Lucha de Clases, la sección venezolana de la CMI.


La crisis ucraniana escapa fuera de control

Written by Francesco Merli Tuesday, 15 April 2014

20140414-Donetsk-regional-admin-building-PIC-Graham-W-Phillips-thEl presidente ucraniano Oleksandr Turchynov declaró ayer en un discurso televisado en vivo que pondrá en marcha una operación militar a gran escala para recuperar el control sobre el este de Ucrania. Tanto si se trata de un farol o de una amenaza real, aún está por verse que el gobierno ucraniano tenga la voluntad y los medios para hacer cumplir su amenaza. Pero hoy, el mismo Turchynov ha declarado que el gobierno de Kiev no está en contra de la celebración de un referéndum en el este de Ucrania y establece una fecha para el 25 de mayo. Mientras tanto, en Kiev se habla de solicitar fuerzas de paz a la ONU. Todo esto muestra el lío insoluble en el que se han metido las autoridades ucranianas.


Elecciones al Parlamento Europeo: La candidatura de Tsipras y su programa

Written by Claudio Bellotti (Miembro de la dirección nacional de Refundación Comunista) Monday, 14 April 2014

eu-left-thEl Partido de la Izquierda Europea, que reúne a fuerzas como SYRIZA (Grecia), Izquierda Unida y el PCE (España), Refundación Comunista (Italia), el PCF y el Parti de Gauche (Francia), el alemán Die Linke, el Portugués Bloco de Esquerda, etc., decidió en su congreso de diciembre presentar a Alexis Tsipras como su candidato a la Presidencia de la Comisión Europea. Por tanto, es necesario analizar a fondo las bases políticas sobre las que esta propuesta ha sido hecha con el fin de entender sus perspectivas.