Interview with Pakistani revolutionary: "No force can stop us from this path"

Written by In Defence of Marxism Thursday, 24 April 2014

yaru-thDuring the 33rd Congress of the Struggle in Pakistan, In Defence of Marxism interviewed comrade Yaru from the interior of Sindh province. His hair-raising personal experience in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the story of how he found the comrades of The Struggle, and his indomitable dedication to the struggle for socialism in the Indian Subcontinent and worldwide is an inspiring example of modern-day Bolshevism and a testament to the calibre of the comrades the IMT is assembling around the world.


India: Poverty of the biggest democracy

Written by Lal Khan Wednesday, 23 April 2014

voting-thIndia is hyped as being very modern, yet in the midst of the towering buildings and corporate plazas there are huge swathes of ghettos overflowing with intense poverty and misery, where human beings are forced to live in bestial conditions of unhygienic and filthy dwellings. The artificial glitter and the facade of modernity fails to conceal the primitive social and economic conditions that prevail across India. These conditions are reflected in politics, and particularly in the elections that are being held in nine stages from 7th April to 12th May this year.


Ukraine: Miners strike in Lugansk region

Written by In Defence of Marxism Wednesday, 23 April 2014

coal-strike-thOn 22 April a strike began at the six mines of PJSC "Krasnodonugol" in Krasnodon, region of Lugansk. The mines are owned by SCM, the company of Rinat Akhmetov, one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen and a key regional oligarch. 2000 miners gathered at the mine office, demanding the reinstatement of 30 miners who had been dismissed for participating in a rally in Lugansk. The striking miners demanded a wage increase to bring their wages up to the average wage of workers in the Donbas coalfield and the lifting of sanctions against their fellow miners.


South Africa: “Vote No!” campaign causes consternation

Written by Ben Morken in South Africa Wednesday, 23 April 2014

ronnie-kasrils-thA group of ANC veterans led by anti-apartheid stalwart Ronnie Kasrils are urging disgruntled ANC voters, rather than staying home, to either spoil their ballots at the May 7 elections or tactically vote for some of the small opposition parties. They are unhappy with their political home, but don’t have an alternative. The veterans are urging voters to spoil their paper rather than abstain because, in their view, this will send a clear message to the politicians.


Imperialism and the New Free Trade Deals

Written by Daniel Morley Tuesday, 22 April 2014

free-trade-thThe epoch of world growth fueled by globalisation is over. Two giant free trade deals are being thrashed out which would place the United States at the centre of its own strategically drawn up domain, stretching from both sides of the pacific to Eastern Europe. But far from being a means to open up the world to a further intensification of trade and to liberate capitalism from its own fetters, these deals engineered by US imperialism in its own interests would carve up the world into two or more power blocs waging economic war with one another. It is protectionism masquerading as free trade.


Britain: Farage and UKIP - "anti-establishment" or anti-working class?

Written by Tomasz Pierscionek and Adam Booth Thursday, 17 April 2014

ukip-thFor workers and youth, it is clear that the fallout from the 2008 global economic crisis adversely impacts upon the majority of households in the UK. It is plain for all to see: as jobs are lost by the thousands, public services are cut to the bone, and the juggernaut of austerity ploughs on desolating communities, synchronously wealth continues to flow upwards into the pockets of the elite.


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Sudáfrica: el Secretario General del COSATU es reinstalado al frente del sindicato Movilizar al COSATU con un programa socialista

Written by Ben Morken Wednesday, 23 April 2014

cosatu-thEl viernes 4 de abril, el Tribunal Superior de Gauteng en Johannesburgo falló a favor del Sindicato del Metal NUMSA y de Zwelinzima Vavi, contra la suspensión de este último como Secretario General del Congreso de Sindicatos Sudafricanos (COSATU, en inglés). Vavi había sido suspendido ilegalmente como Secretario General de la Federación desde el 14 de agosto de 2013.


Bhagat Singh: La historia olvidada de la liberación

Written by Lal Khan Wednesday, 16 April 2014

bhagat singh 1929 thLos historiadores de la élite de Asia meridional han distorsionado deliberadamente ciertos acontecimientos dentro de sus archivos sobre la lucha contra el dominio imperial británico y la sangrienta separación posterior entre India y Pakistán. Uno de esos episodios significativos fue la lucha de la Asociación Revolucionaria Socialista Indostaní (HSRA) y su más famoso mártir, Bhagat Singh. El 23 de marzo de 1931, el revolucionario de veintitrés años y sus compañeros de armas Sujdev y el gurú Raj fueron asesinados en la Prisión Central de Lahore.


Venezuela: Ni pacto, ni conciliación - completar la revolución - Declaración de Lucha de Clases, Corriente Marxista del PSUV

Written by Lucha de Clases, Corriente Marxista del PSUV Tuesday, 15 April 2014

201404-Maduro-Capriles-SIBCI-thEn la noche del 10 de abril se celebró la primera reunión del Diálogo por la Paz con Justícia entre representates del gobierno y la revolución bolivariana y representantes de la oposición. La reunión ha generado una viva polémica en el movimiento bolivariano sobre sus objetivos y límites. Publicamos la declaración de Lucha de Clases, la sección venezolana de la CMI.