Eyewitness from Greece: "The rich people and the bankers want us to pay for the problems but we didn't cause them and we won't pay anymore"

Written by Ron Graves Saturday, 04 July 2015

oxiWe have received the following report about the mood amongst the Greek masses from a British comrade who has been in Greece over the past few days.


Massively succesful “OXI” demonstration in Athens

Written by Jack Rising Saturday, 04 July 2015

Oxi demonstration in front of parliamentLast night, Friday 3 July, there was a massive pro “OXI” (no) demonstration in Athens ahead of the referendum on the austerity policies of the institutions, or Troika. The demonstration gathered in Syntagma Square, outside of the Hellenic Parliament.


The Greek Referendum: Say No to Austerity, Break with capitalism

Written by International Marxist Tendency Friday, 03 July 2015

oxiThe Greek crisis is approaching a denouement. This marks a turning point for the working class of Greece and the whole of Europe. Last January Greece voted for a government that promised to end the austerity policies that have ruined the country. The election of Syriza gave hope to many people throughout Europe. But precisely for this reason, the political leaders in Brussels and Berlin decided to crush the new government, to humiliate it, to sabotage it and finally to bring about its overthrow.


Letters to Cameron or European Big Business are not the answer

Written by Rob Sewell - Editor of Socialist Appeal (Britain) Friday, 03 July 2015

greeksolidarityfeb15thAn open letter appeared in the Guardian newspaper on Sunday 28th June appealing for debt relief for Greece. The letter is addressed to David Cameron, the head of the Tory government. It is signed by, among others: Frances O’Grady (general secretary, TUC); Len McCluskey (general secretary, Unite the Union);recently knighted Sir Paul Kenny (general secretary, GMB); Manuel Cortes (general secretary, TSSA); Paul Mackney (Chair, Greece Solidarity Campaign); Jeremy Corbyn MP; John McDonnell MP; and Caroline Lucas MP.


USA: Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Presidential Election

Written by Socialist Appeal - USA Thursday, 02 July 2015

bernieBernie Sanders, the Democratic Party candidate for president of the United States, has attracted huge crowds and generated enormous enthusiasm at campaign stops around the country. He calls himself a socialist and urges a “political revolution against the billionaire class.” What does Sanders’ campaign reflect and represent? How should revolutionary Marxists approach it?


Brazil: PT congress, a picture of the party's bankruptcy

Written by Esquerda Marxista - Brazil Thursday, 02 July 2015

em-thDuring the 11th to the 13th of June the downbeat 5th Congress of the PT (Partido Trabalhador – the “Workers Party”) took place. This was a congress marked by disinterest in the plenary speeches, by booing from its participants, by pessimism about the political situation, demonstrating a crisis in the Party that deepens every day. This situation is set to continue as this Congress reaffirmed the political line that caused all this, a line promoted by the interests of a corrupted leadership.


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Referéndum en Grecia: Decir no a la austeridad, romper con el capitalismo

Written by International Marxist Tendency Saturday, 04 July 2015


La crisis griega se está acercando a un desenlace. Esto marca un punto de inflexión para la clase obrera de Grecia y del conjunto de Europa. En enero pasado Grecia votó por un gobierno que prometió acabar con las políticas de austeridad que han arruinado el país. La elección de Syriza dio esperanza a mucha gente en toda Europa. Pero precisamente, por esta razón, los dirigentes políticos de Bruselas y Berlín decidieron aplastar al nuevo gobierno, humillarlo, sabotearlo y finalmente tratar de derribarlo.


Grecia: la troika exige la cabeza de Tsipras en una bandeja

Written by Jorge Martin Saturday, 04 July 2015

Conforme se acerca el referéndum, la polarización política de Grecia está alcanzando niveles sin precedentes. Los acontecimientos de las últimas 48 horas han sacado a relucir la farsa que es la democracia burguesa, con las negativas de la troika a aceptar la voluntad del gobierno griego de hacer concesiones y exige la caída de Tsipras. La conclusión de todo esto es inequívoca: no hay salida a la austeridad dentro de los márgenes del capitalismo, e incluso menos dentro de la camisa de fuerza que es la zona euro capitalista dominada por Alemania.


Grecia impone controles de capital mientras la troika intensifica el chantaje

Written by Jorge Martín Tuesday, 30 June 2015

euro-greeceA última hora del domingo 28 de junio, el Gobierno griego decidió introducir controles bancarios y de capital hasta el 7 de julio. Esto es en respuesta a las acciones provocadoras de las instituciones de la Troika, destinadas a sabotear el referéndum previsto en Grecia. La guerra se ha intensificado, a pesar de que algunos están presionando para que se alcance un acuerdo por temor a las consecuencias catastróficas de una suspensión de pagos griega para la economía mundial.