Title Created Date
Demonstration Slogans 11 December 1917
Draft Resolution On The Provisional Bureau Of The Bolshevik Group In The Constituent Assembly 11 December 1917
Theses On The Constituent Assembly 11 December 1917
Outline of a Programme of Economic Measures 10 December 1917
The Question of Following a Socialist Policy in the Economic Field 10 December 1917
Material On The Agrarian Question (Foreword) 10 December 1917
Outline Programme For Peace Negotiations 10 December 1917
On Fighting Counter-Revolutionaries and Saboteurs 07 December 1917
Draft Of A Manifesto To The Peasantry 06 December 1917
Speech At The First All-Russia Congress Of The Navy 05 December 1917
Report on the Right of Recall at a Meeting of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee 04 December 1917
The Question of the War Ministry 02 December 1917
10 Days That Shook the World 01 December 1917
The Salaries of High-Ranking Office Employees and Officials 01 December 1917
Meeting Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee 01 December 1917
Decree On The Arrest Of The Leaders Of The Civil War Against The Revolution 28 November 1917
Interview Given to Gregori Yarros 28 November 1917
The Program for Peace 26 November 1917
The Extraordinary All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Peasants' Deputies 23 November 1917
Direct-Line Conversation Between The Government and Field H. Q. November 22 (9), 1917 22 November 1917